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Waverley Camera Club runs a program of monthly competitions within the Club, and also competes several times a year against other clubs in Inter Club Competitions. Some members also enter National and International competitions.

Further information about our monthly competitions

March 2017 ‘Architecture’ results

by on Mar.07, 2017, under Competitions

Set subject EDI

Stephen Edmonds - Concrete and glass
A Grade: Stephen Edmonds – Concrete and glass

Rahul Kapur - Myriad Windows
B Grade: Rahul Kapur – Myriad Windows

Open EDI

Hai Thi Nguyen - DOG ROCKS
A grade: Hai Thi Nguyen – DOG ROCKS

Cheng Yip - Roaring Of The Thunder
B grade: Cheng Yip – Roaring Of The Thunder

Open Print

Felix Shparberg - Nymphea
A Grade: Felix Shparberg – Nymphea

Hedley Anderson - Rohan>
B grade: Hedley Anderson – Rohan

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March Competition Night – Tuesday 7th March 2017

by on Mar.06, 2017, under Competitions

The next item in the WCC agenda is the March Competition Night to be held in the Main Hall at the Mt Waverley Community Centre from 7.30pm. Please come along and see what the club does best, visitors are more than welcome. Members, please remember that April’s entries are due on this night. See you all there…..

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February 2017 ‘Reflection and shadows’ results

by on Feb.07, 2017, under Competitions

Set subject EDI

A Grade: Julie Madders – 2-CRYSTAL CLEAR SHADOWS

Angela McLeod - THAT-SHED-AGAIN!
B Grade: Angela McLeod – THAT-SHED-AGAIN!

Open EDI

Alan Scott - Red Rocks
A grade: Alan Scott – Red Rocks

Jenny Yip - Warm And Snuggly
B grade: Jenny Yip – Warm And Snuggly

Open Print

A Grade: Marie Shaw – LOW TIDE REVEAL

Hedley Anderson - LEXI & TED
B grade: Hedley Anderson – LEXI & TED

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Definitions for monthly competitions in 2017

by on Jan.03, 2017, under Competitions

February – Reflection and shadows

Reflections: Use a reflective surface to capture a unique image. Common reflective surfaces are bodies of water, windows and mirrors. Using reflective surfaces is a great way to create abstract images.

Shadows: A picture in which shadows are featured. The cause of the shadow may be included but must not be dominant.

March – Architecture

All entries in monochrome.

A picture of one or more buildings or structure, or a portion of a building. Human figures may be included. Significant architectural feature with emphasis on pattern, texture and the use of space in context.

April – Colour of your choice

An image where one colour predominates.

May – Self portrait

A photo of yourself, taken by yourself. It can be from head to a full length study and may include accessories or backgrounds that are in character with the subject but these should not dominate the photograph. It can include candid photographs, environmental portraits and formal studio portraits.

June – Different point of view

An image shooting a subject from an “unexpected angle” an angle with more impact than the normal viewing angle encountered in everyday life i.e. “a bird at eye level,” “looking down on an ant” shoot above, below, or very low, such as how a child sees the world.

July – Abstract

A pictorial arrangement of colours and shapes which are not recognisable as known objects. A photo expressing ideas and emotions by using elements such as colours and lines without attempting to create a realistic picture.

August – Street portraits

All entries in monochrome.

Taking photos of people in public, urban areas in a candid manner. Street photography also relies heavily on capturing “the decisive moment.” This means that the timing of the images is what typically makes it special – catch a person with a certain express of their face or a person doing something uncanny at a certain moment.

September – Night photography

A photograph taken outdoors between dusk and dawn. Night photographers generally have a choice between using artificial light and using long exposures, exposing for seconds, minutes and even hours.

October – Panorama

An image with an elongated field of view, with at least 2:1 width to height ratio. Polar panoramas (“little planets”) are also acceptable.

November – Animals

Any living creature, captive or wild.

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2016 end of year results

by on Dec.06, 2016, under Competitions

End of year competitions

Open Print

1st – Anne Ramus – Winter Vineyard, Bellarine Peninsula
2nd – Vicki Moritz – Singapore sculptures
3rd – Anthony Yap – Enchanted

Colour EDI

1st – Rosie Hughes – RAZORBACK PANO
2nd – Vicki Moritz – Pinnacles summer sunset
3rd – Anthony Yap – Fantasy

Monochrome EDI

1st – Felix Shparberg – Following-after-the-bird
2nd – George Skarbek – Staring down the barrel
3rd – Tuck Leong – A Long Day

Aggregate awards

A grade set subject EDI – George Skarbek
B grade set subject EDI – Julie Madders
A grade open EDI – Vicki Moritz
B grade open EDI – Ross Eddington
A grade open print – Vicki Moritz
B grade open print – Marie Shaw

President’s trophy

Bob Thomas – Dead End

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