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Point Nepean Sunset – Sunday 4th October 2009

by on Sep.28, 2009, under Outings

A quick message from the President, Pete regarding the club visit to Point Nepean on Sunday 4th October 2009.

Sunday the 4th of October is the next of this years exciting outings. This time around we will be visiting Point Nepean.

For those that don’t know Point Nepean is at the end of the Mornington Peninsula. The plan is to be there for the sunset which we believe is at 7.20pm. Roger Howell has very kindly arranged for the Parks people to hang around for us to shoot the sunset as they would normally have booted out all park visitors well before then.

There is a cost of $20 per person (for the bus) for them to do this for us but as the bus is normally $16 it doesn’t seem like such a rip off. We must have a minimum of 10 people on the bus and a maximum of 40. The cost per person does not change based on the numbers we have.

Once you have said you want to go you are up for $20 per person regardless of whether you show up or not.

We must be at the visitor centre by 4.45 sharp.

We will drive down with cars to the inside car park where we will be met by the park transport. That will take us to the Point and return us to the car park.Sunset is 1920 and they do want us to leave the park by 1930 or shortly afterwards. Should the weather be unsuitable there are arrangements for cancellation.

If you want to go then please rsvp with the number of people attending by 7pm next Tuesday (29th).


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Cycles & Echoes

by on Sep.14, 2009, under Workshops

The workshop scheduled for the 15th of September will no longer be a Photoshop night. Instead we have the distinct pleasure of a presentation from profressional photographer David Williams.

David Williams M.Photog. FRPS ALPE is a very well respected wedding photographer who is going to present a talk entitled “Cycles and Echoes”. This presentation formed the keynote speech to about 400 international members of the Digital Wedding Forum at their annual conference in Phoenix, Arizona, USA in January 2009. It is about the importance of our family portrait collection – the visual history that we all possess. What are the gaps in it, and why do they exist?

Using a collection of images from various Art Collections, David picks out the essential communications and lesson to us as photographers. He then blends this into a short AV presentation of his own family’s photographic collection followed by a discussion of how we relate to images and their true value – the ‘minds eye view’. David will discuss, illustrate and demonstrate:

  • The truth of front-lighting, and the minimalization of retouching
  • The art and acquisition of story-telling detail miniatures
  • Discovering and appreciating Style over Trends
  • Broadening your horizons through Art, Design and Graphics
  • The age of Superb pigment ink printing – a return to the true artisan.

Amongst working Wedding/Portrait professionals, David is one of the most respected and beloved lecturers of his time, and spends more than half of every year training already practicing professional photographers in the UK, USA, Canada and Asia. As such we are extremely lucky to have David come to WCC.

The meeting will be held in the craft room at Mt Waverley Community Centre on the 15th September 2009 which is where we held the 4 Club competition earlier in the year. The evening will commence at 7:30pm and I ask that you please bring a plate as we are expecting guests from the Royal Photographic Society.

Pete Davies, WCC President

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Member of the Month: Ron Weatherhead

by on Sep.14, 2009, under General

My apologies for the lack of the Member of the Month article, moving house made this quite difficult. This month the article focusses on a long standing member and current Secretary, Ron Weatherhead.

Self Portrait

We moved to Australia, with two young children, 25 years ago, having lived in England, Nigeria and Barbados. I taught Mathematics and later became an Actuary, but am now retired. I have been coming to Wadham House on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday since 1992. Photography had long been an interest, but it only became a real hobby after I joined the club. The club’s beginners’ course taught me B&W processing, and I spent hours in my blacked-out laundry trying to make images that were good enough for competitions. Not many were winners in those early years. The club was run by a small committed group and I did not contribute much until I took on the job of secretary. The newsletter editor role was added and I also wrote a monthly article for our local newspaper article featuring the winning competition shots.

Q. What sort of equipment you use and what you would like to own in an ideal world?

My first SLR was a Praktica, a good affordable camera made in the (former) East Germany. I got a Nikon F601 when I joined the club, then moved on to a Nikon D80. I use the 18-135mm kit lens, which does not have good reviews, but gets reasonable images with the help of Photoshop. I don’t really crave any fancy equipment, but would have liked the VR Nikon 18-200mm lens, but it was not available at the time.

Q. What sort of photography you like and where do you like to take pictures?

I like “found” images, not so keen on set-up shots. A camera is often with me when out and about, and most of my shots are taken quickly when I see something interesting. They tend to be of buildings, flowers, birds, etc, not many of people.

Heart of a Harley Eucalyptus

Q. How has the WCC changed since you joined?

The format of meetings is much the same as it always was, but the members are now a lot younger and there are more activities outside of the two main monthly meetings. Skills have also changed, mainly due to digital cameras and computers. We used to have members who specialised in B&W processing, cibachrome, slides, hand colouring etc, but now we rely on the computer. Digital photography is great, giving easy access to creativity, much better than spending hours in the darkroom!

Q. Who is your favourite photographer, why, and what is your favourite image?

I am a regular at the MGA, so get to see the works of Australian photographers and really like the B&W images of people like Olive Cotton, Max Dupain and David Moore.

Teacup Ballet – Olive Cotton

Meat Queue – Max Dupain

St Paul’s Cathedral – David Moore

One of my own favourite photos is this one of St Kilda Pier, taken not long before the building was burnt down and replaced by a similar one,

St Kilda Pier – before the fire

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September’s Open Competition Results

by on Sep.07, 2009, under Competitions

Waverley Camera Club’s monthly photography competition for September was held on Tuesday the 1st September 2009 and was judged by Pele Leung. The competition topic was ‘Open’ and there were a total of 86 images submitted to the competition, 51 EDI and 35 Prints.

Pele was excellent in his judging of the images, giving essential feedback where needed and he also dealt out the odd compliment as well. Pele’s awards of Merit and Highly Commended are listed below along with the Winners of the four categories. Pele treated us to three of his AV’s after the competition was concluded which were just stunning, especially the Melbourne at Night presentation.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pele for judging our competition and for sharing his AV’s; with us, I know I speak for everyone when I say that we all had a great night. Also, thank you to all of you who took time to enter the competition and congratulations to the prize getters.

The results were as follows:
(Please click each link to view the images on the SmugMug site)

A Grade Prints

Image of the Month:
Leif Anderson – Boyds Forest Dragon

Highly Commended:
Fred Bullock – Burnt Snowgums
Albert Hutchison – Big Wheel
John Mallett – Moth Orchid

Roger Howell – All Aboard
Ron Weatherhead – Strangle Hold
Roger Howell – For Journeys Past
Teddy Tan – Bride_and_Father

A Grade EDI

Image of the Month:
Teddy Tan – Catch Me if You Can

Highly Commended:
Roger Howell – Riding the Thermals
Alan McLean – Stillness

Leif Anderson – Melbourne Redical Centre
Vicki Moritz – Taggerty River
Ross Garner – Wool Classing

B Grade Prints

Image of the Month:
Rachel Kazantzis – St Mary’s Cathedral

Highly Commended:
Peter Myers – Winter Drought
John Hadfield – Venetian Jewel

Perry Kazantzis – Alley Bar Girl
Peter Myers – Montsalvat
David Burton – Pinball Fun
Stephen Edmonds – The House on the Point
Lisa Mason – Let Me Off

B Grade EDI

Image of the Month:
Dijana Risteska – Good Days Bad Days

Highly Commended:
Andy Armitage – Red Lantern
Justo Lei – Top of the World
Peter Myers – Downham Village

Dave Sumner – Three Heads are Better than One
Ake Severinson – Leading by Example
Peter Myers – Lake Burwain
Sue Gabriel – Balloons Over Mount Merit

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Help Needed – David Burton The Finished Image

by on Sep.02, 2009, under General

Just a quick follow up to a previous post where David had asked for help with some image manipulation and Warren Knower came to the rescue.

David had wanted some people cutting from a couple of images and pasting into a larger family image. Of course this wasn’t easy as you can imagine but I think you’ll agree that Warren has done a great job. It is reassuring that there are people like Warren around who give up their time to help others who are stuck especially when the outcome gives so much pleasure to someone as in this case.

From This

And This

To This With a couple of figures added to either end.

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Photos for Bushwalking Victoria

by on Sep.02, 2009, under General

Have you got any photos that could be used to illustrate the “Green” walks booklet that Bushwalking Victoria is putting together? The locations are:

Jells Park
Botanic Gardens
Williamstown (foreshore from Williamstown Beach around past Time Tower to Gem Pier)
Ricketts Point
Grants Picnic Ground, Sherbrooke (the easy walks starting from there)
Station Pier to St Kilda pier
Merri Creek, north of Rushall Station
Bundoora Park
Maribyrnong River
Kororoit Creek

Each walk will have a map, walk notes and one or two photos to tempt walkers to try it out. Final format of booklet will be A5.

Please email Catherine Guli ( catherineguli@yahoo.com.au ) including a highly compressed image (small file please, say < 250 kb) for selection. Please also include the location and that you are a member of WCC.

If you can help then please do so now as the deadline is just a week away! Thanks, Ron ( secretary@waverleycameraclub.org )

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