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Beginners Courses 2011 – Call for Registrations

by on Apr.15, 2011, under General

Waverley Camera Club are now taking registrations for the three Beginners Courses for 2011.

If you are a novice and want to learn how to get more out of your camera and you have Monday nights free read on.

The course will run for 9 consecutive Monday nights (even on Public Holidays) and will be held at Wadham House in Mt. Waverley from 7:30 – 9:30pm. Topics covered will include: Camera Controls, Basic Camera Operation, Composition, Lighting, Digital Workflow and Editing, The mode dial, Exposure, Metering and Exposure Compensation.

Classes will be limited to 6-8 students to allow for maximum interaction between pupils and teachers. You will need to bring your camera with you every week and ideally it should be an SLR rather than a compact point and shoot camera.

The three terms will run as follows:

  • Term 1 commences Monday 2nd May
  • Term 2 commences Monday 25th July
  • Term 3 commences Monday 10th October

As well as the 9 Monday night lessons each term will also include 2 outings (on a Sunday) and possibly a night shoot.

The cost is $225 and needs to be paid by the first lesson. The price includes membership to Waverley Camera Club for 2011 but if you have already joined this year your membership fees will be deducted from the $225.

To register please email president@waverleycameraclu.org and state which term you want to do.

Please also include a second preference.

Pete Davies
President – Waverley Camera Club

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Sunday Outing – Luna Park Report

by on Apr.14, 2011, under Outings

On Sunday 3rd April at 2pm, around eight WCC members met under the gigantic face of the 99 year old Luna Park, later joined by 4 more members.

By David Burton

By David Burton

By David Burton

With an overcast sky, we knew there would be no chance of a good sunset while the park’s vibrant colours were challenging to capture without direct sunlight (but the flipside was, no blown out highlights) Nevertheless, the St Kilda area was abuzz with families due in part to the popular Sunday St Kilda Esplanade Market.

By Peter Myers

By Peter Myers

By Peter Myers

Luna Park is returning gradually to its former glory after a few faded decades and has been a Melbourne landmark since it opened in 1912, now with the world’s oldest, continually operated rollercoaster, the Scenic Railway.

By David Burton

By David Burton

By David Burton

Within the park we were presented with two general subjects of photography – the vibrant architecture or the candid expressions of the people on the moving rides.

By David Burton

By David Burton

By David Burton

Later in the day some of the members wandered down to the St Kilda Pier for a few evening shots.


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Club Unofficial Outing – Healesville Races Sat April 9th

by on Apr.11, 2011, under Outings

Rosie and I went to the Healesville races on Saturday the 9th of April.  On the way we stopped in at the Beechworth Bakery and who do we see ambling through the car park but Jenny Boyle.  If I was telling the truth I would say Jenny told me she was going to the races too and she told me the Beechworth Bakery was the place to stop, that is if we wanted to stop for breakfast.  Jenny, Rosie and I then proceeded from the Beechworth Bakery to the Healesville Picnic Races together.

There were not a lot of people there when we arrived and we were able to get ourselves a great possie beside the fence, not too close mind in case a horse’s hoof came through the fence and broke your watch as it did at the Cranbourne Rodeo. We spoke to a few people sitting beside us and made ourselves comfortable; since we were photographers some of the members thought it would be a good idea if we went over to the President, John O’Brien, and introduced ourselves; John had been known to give visiting photographers the run of the course.  John was very nice but disappointed that we didn’t give him advance notice, “… because” he said “… you can’t run around the place making images of the people here”.  Re-assured that we were here to take pictures only of the horses running fast, John then made us welcome, but no he didn’t give us the run of the course as he had done for some other visiting photographers on previous occasions.

The first race began at 1.30 pm and we killed time organising ourselves and having something to eat before then. People in the know came up and spoke to us offering advice on the best places to be when the horses began their run and it soon became apparent we had already chosen one of the better possies. Not long after the first race while we were still looking dismayed at our efforts a guy came to us beer in hand and asked if we were “… doing a course or something” when we told him what we were trying to do he offered some tips, tricks and suggestions – he also admitted he was a ‘professional’ of sorts being the official photographer for a group of folk who race fast boats and have ski races, jumps and other fancy stuff behind really fast boats.  In the course of 4 hours of conversation he offered information that revealed he had done several photography courses for fun and had travelled a lot with his South-African born wife and was in real life an aero-engineer with Qantas.  His tips were authentic and when we showed him our results, he made fair criticism of the images we had taken.  Never intrusive or abusive of our own privacy this gentleman proved to be the real genuine find of the afternoon.  He went away from time to time only to reappear before each event to tell us how long the race was going to be, where the start was, where the finish was and how best to get the shots we were after.  His tips included about using low shutter speeds and panning, on focus, on faster shutter speeds and on making sure the story included that the animals were moving at speed.  Sometime during the afternoon the weather closed in and our images became more and more under-exposed; heavy clouds gathered and the announcer informed the by now restive crowd that the rain was bucketing down in The City.  Jenny had to leave early because she had other things to do.

Just before 4.30 pm Rosie and I wrapped up the picnic blanket, gathered up our gear and threw it into the boot; but before we left I remembered to go to the official tent and thank the President of the Healesville Racing Club for his hospitality and for allowing us to shoot pictures at the meet. He seemed chuffed at that.  We joined the throng of picnickers heading out of the race grounds.  It wasn’t long before the rain caught up with us but we were happy campers.

Next Healesville Picnic Race meeting is October 19th, Jenny will contact the President for permission to shoot images, in advance, and we may yet be offered the run of the course so let’s try to make it a club outing.

Cheers Andy

Images By Andy Armitage

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April 2011 ‘Monash Scapes’ results

by on Apr.07, 2011, under Competitions

Judge: Matt Lindsay

Printed images of the month

Vicki Moritz - Jells Park Storm
A grade: Vicki Moritz – Jells Park Storm

Brian Bethune - Coal Boiler Oakleigh
B grade: Brian Bethune – Coal Boiler Oakleigh

EDI images of the month

Alan Scott - Scotchman's Creek in Autumn
A grade: Alan Scott – Scotchman’s Creek in Autumn

Brian Bethune - Quarry Sienna Mount Waverley
B grade: Brian Bethune – Quarry Sienna Mount Waverley

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Special presentation: Pele Leung

by on Apr.05, 2011, under Workshops

For our April workshop night on Tuesday, 19 April 2011, we are proud to be hosting a presentation from Pele Leung, Photographing the remote regions of China. Pele will be sharing his perspective of the remote regions of North West and South West China.

Please Note: Due to circumstances beyond WCC control, there has been a last minute venue change for this event and it will no longer be at the AIPP Headquarters and is now at Huntingdale Hall. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

The new venue can be located at: Corner of Germain St & Huntingdale Rd, Huntingdale 3166
Melway 69 J11

Please arrive at 7:30pm for an 8pm start.

For this night we will not be using our usual venues of Wadham House or the Craft Room, instead we will be using facilities at the AIPP National Office.

AIPP National Office
Suite 5, 205a Middleborough Road
Box Hill South, Victoria 3128

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Outing to Walhalla in May

by on Apr.04, 2011, under Outings

Our Sunday outing next month is to the historic town of Walhalla in the Baw Baw Ranges.

This old gold mining town features many historical buildings, including the railway station, fire station, rotunda and Windsor House (the only brick residence in the town). The Walhalla Goldfields Railway is also operating with trains at 11am, 1pm and 3pm. These run from Walhalla to Thomson and takes 1 hour return. Tours of the Long Tunnel Extended Mine, one of the richest mines of Walhalla, will also be running on the day, these take around 45 minutes.

However, as Walhalla is a two hour drive from Mount Waverley we are intending to have an early start and the sensible suggestion has been made to carpool if possible. Closer to the day we will decide upon a meeting point and time. However please let us know ahead of time if you are going, and if you are driving seperately or are wanting to carpool (both as a driver or passender).

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