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Night time outing this Friday

by on Apr.22, 2012, under Outings

Hi all. The next Outing of the WCC is on Friday 27th – thats right FRIDAY 27th and we will do a City walk at night time. I dont know where we will go but the usual form is to meet on the steps of Parliament at about 7.30pm and walk the city streets at night. Did I mention this was a night walk? So bring along your sturdy tripod and have walking shoes. I believe it will be reasonably cool on Friday so a warm coat and gloves will also be necessary. Hey what am I your Mum?

So thats it Friday 27th, Night time, about 7.30pm, on the steps of Parliament House, Waverley Camera Club will do a CITY WALK.

Update: Meet at Flinders Street Railway Station, NOT on the steps of Parliament House.

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4-Club Results – Berwick 2012

by on Apr.18, 2012, under Competitions

For those who weren’t at the interclub judging on Monday or at the workshop tonight you won’t have heard the Presidents announcement regarding Waverley’s results in the 4-Club event held at Berwick Viewfinders Club. For those who don’t know, 4-Club is a biannual event that sees Berwick, Maroondah, Eastern Suburbs and Waverley clubs compete against each other with Mono Prints, Open Prints and EDI images plus there is an overall winner. The competition is usually quite hotly contested and this year was no exception.

The judging started with the open prints with them being shown in club order, Waverley first. The judge quickly got stuck in and announced his results for Waverley which are listed below followed by Mono Prints and then EDI. The scores are out of a maximum of 15 per image:

The Waverley images can be viewed here http://waverleycc.smugmug.com/Other-Competitions/4-Club-2012

Open Prints

  • Sunlit Rocks – Albert Hutchison                       12 Points
  • Still Waters in Obscurity – Anne DiCarlo        12 Points
  • Bolte Bridge After Dark – Albert hutchison    12 Points
  • Decisions Decisions – John Mallett                  14 Points and First Place
  • Scrub Wren – Dave Sumner                               13 Points and Highly Commended
  • Remnant – Stephen Edmonds                           13 Points and Highly Commended

Mono Prints

  • Looking Up – Anne DiCarlo                               12 Points
  • Three Canoes – Andy Armitage                         10 Points
  • Vestigial – Brian Ennis                                        11 Points
  • Shadows at the NGV – Ron Weatherhead       13 Points and Highly Commended
  • Quiet Please – Dave Sumner                              12 Points
  • Another World – Dave Sumner                          14 Points and First Place


  • Tea Set – Ron Weatherhead                                13 Points and Highly Commended
  • Green Lacewing Fly #3 – Teck Leong                11 Points
  • Green and Blue – Pete Davies                             11 Points
  • Red Eyed Frog – Ray Anderson                          14 Points and Equal Third Place
  • Fun or Torture – David Burton                           12 Points
  • In a Spiral – John Hadfield                                  12 Points

Some very good scores were achieved by Waverley as well as two first places an equal third place and 4 Highly Commended. The overall results are below:

Open Print

  • Waverley 76
  • Berwick 72
  • Eastern Suburbs 69
  • Maroondah 68

Mono Print

  • Waverley 72
  • Eastern Suburbs 71
  • Berwick 70
  • Maroondah 69


  • Waverley & Berwick 73
  • Eastern Suburbs 71
  • Maroondah 68

Which gave an overall score of:

  • Maroondah 205
  • Eastern Suburbs 212
  • Berwick 215
  • Waverley 221

Well done to all those members who had images in and a big thank you to Donna and her image selection team for putting it all together, you did a great job.

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Labour Day Weekend 2012 – I Got Inspired

by on Apr.17, 2012, under Outings

Although the time has passed by so quickly or because it takes me awhile to do things, the club did have a weekend away at Lakes Entrance over the Labour Day weekend.

Fourteen of us ventured up to the beautiful Lakes area.  Some of us stayed at the Sandbar Motel and some of us camped a few doors down the road.

With all the rain in the region, there were  a lot of full flowing rivers  and areas still under water. Unfortunately, the weather decided not to co operate with photographers.  The amazing sunrise and sunset shots that were going to be taken and win the monthly competition never eventuated. This meant  however, that some people slept in. But not all of us – there was always that wishful thinking that just maybe  the skies would clear.  Up before dawn, we still enjoyed walks along the waterway and the beach, before heading off to a café for brekky or in my case jumbo cappuccino.

Thanks to Pete, Ron and Stewart’s knowledge of the area and maps, our days were beautifully planned.  We would all meet up around 10.00 and head off on our adventure and hopefully, a photographic masterpiece.

Saturday was Metung (so lovely), lunch in the park, local market, amazing river silts, Paynesville. Raymond Island. We even saw owls and there were swans, parrots and koala bears and lots of water.  Glass of wine or a beer  before a pizza tea in the park. Water water everywhere.- love it.

Sunday saw some amazing old trestle bridges. There were also some trail bike riders who like the  skies did not co operate with photographers. Lunch was in the park at Orbost next to the mighty Snowy River. The road to Marlo was closed due to flooding, so it was the long way to Cape Conran.  Lovely scenery but not lovely light. Stopped off at a beach hidden off the road and tried to capture some surfers but light pretty awful. People then headed back to Lakes Entrance. But not all – Bev, Ross and I decided to see Marlo, where the Snowy heads out to sea. Lots of pelicans which was really exciting. There was also the slightest of clearings in the sky, so it was off to the Marlo pub for tea and then off to capture a sunset that didn’t really happen.

Monday was another early  walk before the big brekky. Then it was time to pack up and head back to Melbourne. I thought it was a great weekend (apart from uncooperative skies). It was a lot of fun with great company in a beautiful part of the world.


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April 2012 ‘open’ results

by on Apr.03, 2012, under Competitions

Judge: Alfred Zommers

Printed images of the month

Ron Weatherhead - Eucalyptus
A grade: Ron Weatherhead – Eucalyptus

Ian Haley - Forrest of Gums
B grade: Ian Haley – Forrest of Gums

EDI images of the month

Alan Scott - Fishing Boat
A grade: Alan Scott – Fishing Boat

Felix Shperberg - The Night Prague
B grade: Felix Shperberg – The Night Prague

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Sunday Outing Report – 1st April 2012 City Laneways

by on Apr.03, 2012, under Outings

Hi All – Rosie and I had a wonderful day with several other members of the Waverley Camera Club, wasnt it a beautiful day?

We woke early – for two oldies who dont go to bed until after mid-night and don’t usually wake until after 8am so 6am is early!  We caught a bus from Springvale to Westall because the rail lines were broken and then the train from Westall to the city to be there before 8am as promised.  We met Pete Davies on the station platform in the city and managed to learn more about the route of the competitors in running for kids that morning. Did I mention it was a beautiful day to be in the city? A day to do anything actually some of them ran others jumped,  WCC, and indeed  a whole gaggle of photographers wondering about in the city cameras in hand, were primed to make great images;  road menders dug holes in the road, engineers lifted up railway lines – in fact anything was possible today.  After the appropriate greetings and the obligatory wait for those who may or may not turn up Paul produced several maps of laneways and city walks and we wondered away together to have a look at the New Graffati in Hosier Lane. Nice it was!! Some of us were lucky enough to watch a young hooded child make his mark with spray can in hand.  “Perfectly legal man” was his thought for the day.

From there we walked back on to Swanston Street via another of those paths less travelled and came across a couple of likely lads who took time out to talk to Paul and tell him what they were thinking on such a beautiful morning.  Before long it was our turn to meet someone, who believe it or not, was just visiting from Heaven – he didnt tell us his name but I, a firm believer in the Second Coming, reckonned it would be preferable to ‘Go Up’ to heaven rather than ‘Come Down’ from there.  Still …live and let live is my philosophy.

Sooner than I expected we lost a number of the group to more serious interests – some to the laneways, others to the runners and  some to the architecture on offer.  Rosie and I wondered off through the arcades and laneways and ended up near enough to Camera House where we stopped to buy some good batteries.  Thank you Peter for lending her yours – I shall certainly continue to pay it forward!

Lunch time found us near the State Library and since we both have never been inside the palce we decided we would go in before lunch rather than after.  The phone in my pocket rang loud enough for me to hear it Pete Davies was on the other end of the eather wondering where we were, having learned we were beside the library he joined us and we went inside to the treat of our lives. The State Library is worth a visit by itself and we were told that there is at least one camera club in the library every Saturday.  It was after 1.00 when we came out and went to lunch before going back in for a Private Visit courtesy of one of the security guards who took a shine to Rosie.  The room is in the older section of the library and is said to be more than 100 years old, 152 years old Rosie tell me.  What a beauty!!

That ended our day folk – for those of you that came, I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as Rosie and I did.  For those of you who would go to the city anytime, well you wont have us to accompany you, but I hope the company you do keep on the day will be as good to you as ours was today.

Cheers and you have a great working week.

Andy and Rosie Armitage

Image by Paul Spence

Image by Paul Spence

Image by Paul Spence

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