Competition rules and how to enter

March 2021: We have made changes to our competition rules, please refer to our updated WCC By-Laws (PDF 279KB) as the information below has not yet been fully updated.

Competitions are an incentive for you to keep taking new, interesting and challenging photographs and provide you with direct feedback from experienced external judges which is crucial to improving your technique and developing your own unique style.


The groups are designed to provide a more balanced competitive environment by grouping members with similar skill levels.

There are 2 groups:

  • Advanced
    This group includes the club’s best photographers. This group will receive comments/feedback from the judges as well as awards as allocated.
  • Intermediate
    This group is comprised of all other members (including beginners) who wish to compete for awards, but do not feel they have sufficient skill to compete in the Advanced Group. This group will receive comments/feedback from the judge as well as awards as allocated.


Every monthly competition is comprised of three sections:

  • Printed Images – Open Subject
  • EDI – Open Subject
  • EDI – Set Subject

Combined with the groups, most months have a total of six sections.

On select months (see schedule) we have an additional section (all groups combined) for creative images that will be judged by the same judge as the usual three sections. Entries are to be submitted along with other entries for that month. There will be a creative aggregate trophy awarded at the end of the year.

Definition for creative:

An image which depicts an imagined scene, or unusual combinations, alterations and/ or perspectives of reality. All images must be original and all incorporated elements must have been produced by the entrant. Artwork or computer graphics generated by the entrant may be incorporated so long as elements of photographic origin predominate.

Judging and points

For all monthly competitions a guest judge will provide feedback and (for advanced and intermediate groups) will award Merits and Highly Commended to any images they feel are deserving of such awards. One image from each section will also be nominated as the winner.

Points are awarded as follows:

  • Merit award – 2 aggregate points
  • Highly commended award – 3 aggregate points
  • Section winner – 4 aggregate points

End of year

At the end of the year we have a competition where members enter their best images from throughout the year, with two images in each of:

  • Open print
  • Colour EDI
  • Monochrome EDI

The entry must have been entered into a monthly competition from that year, be in the same format and have no additional alterations. A print must have been previously entered as a print, and an EDI must have been previously entered as an EDI. An EDI cannot be printed and entered as a print, or vice versa.

For the end of year competition, you do not resubmit the EDI image files, please only send through a list of the image filenames as entered previously.

At the end of the year we also announce the top performing members in each of the six monthly competition sections.

Entering monthly competitions

Entries are generally due a month prior (see schedule for specific dates) to the competition night. Print entries are brought along and put into the print box, EDI entries (including an EDI of your print) are uploaded to WCC competition upload.


  • One image can be submitted in each section per member per month
  • Entries must be submitted by the due date for each competition, generally this is the previous competition night
  • All images must be the entrants own work including any post production editing, textures or other elements purchased commercially or from the internet and integrated into the entrants work are not allowable.
  • An image NOT receiving an award of Merit or Highly Commended or Section Winner may be re-entered in a subsequent calendar year. The image may be changed. The image must be identified with the new competition date and the Competition Steward informed that the image is a re-entry. No further re-entries of that original image (or as amended) are permitted, with exception of the End of Year Competition
  • Entries cannot display the entrant’s name or past awards won (e.g. watermarks on EDIs / or certificates / names on the back of print mounts)

For compatibility with interclub competitions our entry requirements follow the VAPS (Victorian Association of Photographic Societies) minimum standard.

Printed entries:

  • Entries must be matted, maximum overall size is 40 x 50cm (16” x 20”)
  • Maximum thickness of matt and backing board is 5mm
  • All matts must have a backing board covering the print
  • The back of the mounted print must be labeled in the top left-hand corner with an arrow indicating the top of the print, your member number, your grade, and the title of the print.
  • A digital copy of each printed image MUST also be submitted for projection during the meeting

EDI entries (and digital copies of printed images) are to be:

  • Uploaded to WCC competition upload
  • JPEG in sRGB colour space of 5MB or less
  • No more than 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels tall (these dimensions can NOT be switched around)

WCC reserves the right to select images entered into its internal competitions for submission into external WCC sanctioned events.

Image titles

  • All entries must have a title.
  • Only A to Z (uppercase or lowercase), 0 to 9 and spaces are permitted
  • The provided title will be used as-is in the gallery, slideshow, and on any certificates.
  • The title should not specifically identify the competitor – eg “John Smith – self-portrait”.