Waverley Camera Club runs a program of monthly competitions within the Club as an incentive for you to keep taking new, interesting and challenging photographs. A guest external judge will provide you with feedback which is crucial to improving your technique and developing your own unique style.

We also compete several times a year against other clubs in interclub competitions. Some members also enter national and international competitions.

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Monthly competitions

For a monthly competition a club member can enter images into each of the following sections:

  • Printed Images – Open Subject
  • EDI – Open Subject
  • EDI – Set Subject
  • EDI – Creative (selected months only, see schedule)

EDI (electronically displayed image) entries (plus an EDI of the print entry) are entered through our Competition upload system. Printed entries are submitted into the print box at the meeting on the due date.

Club members are in one of two groups:

  • Advanced
    This group includes the club’s best photographers.
  • Intermediate
    This group is comprised of all other members (including beginners) who wish to compete for awards, but do not feel they have sufficient skill to compete in the Advanced Group.

For all monthly competitions a guest judge will provide feedback and will award Merits and Highly Commended to any images they feel are deserving of such awards. One image from each section will also be nominated as the winner.

The monthly awards receive points which will contribute towards aggregate awards at the end of each year.

Please refer to our WCC By-Laws (PDF 291KB) for full information including image file requirements and print mounting specifications.

Results can be viewed in our monthly competition galleries.

End of year competitions

In addition to aggregate awards based on the monthly competitions, at the end of the year we have a competition where members enter their best images from throughout the year:

  • Open print (two images)
  • Colour EDI (two images)
  • Monochrome EDI (two images)
  • Creative EDI (one image)

Images are selected through our Competition upload system.

President’s Trophy

Also at the end of the year we have a lighthearted competition that is judged by our club president.

Images are entered through our Competition upload system.

Interclub competitions

Throughout the year the club participates in competitions with other clubs, entries into these competitions are determined by:

  • a panel reviewing previous monthly competition entries for selection; or
  • requesting members to submit images for that competition, from which a panel will make their selection.

Our external competition galleries show our entries into these competitions.