Special Interest Groups

In addition to our regular competitions, workshops and outings, Waverley Camera Club also has a number of Special Interest Groups. Any member is welcome to join in any of the groups.

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The current Special Interest Groups include:

Honours group

The Honours Group is for photographers interested in pursuing photographic honours. These honours can be achieved through the Australian Photographic Society (APS) or the Photographic Society of America (PSA). Gaining honours is achieved by participation in international photographic competition (called Exhibitions). The Honours Group supports members by sharing images, critiquing the works of others and informs members about the processes involved in seeking honours.

Any member is welcome, whether they are currently submitting work for exhibition, considering pursuing honours, or is just curious about what is involved. The Honours Group meets every second month.

Members holding honours

Contact: Vicki Moritz

Creative group

Creative Group is for those photographers who wish to push the boundaries of their photographic work, by applying creative processes (such as composite work, creative filters, in camera techniques or photoshop techniques) to their work.

‘Creative’ is now a themed competition within the club, as part of the regular competition schedule. The group is open to all members from beginner to advanced and provides speakers, workshops, demonstrations and competitions.

The Creative Group meets every second month.

Contact: Paul Spence

Street beat

Street Beat is a Special Interest Group for members interested in Street Photography, Photojournalism or Documentary photography. The group meets monthly. One month we have a guest speaker, and the alternate month an outing to practice this genre.

Street Beat has a philosophy of being non-competitive, with all members invited to share their images and experiences of the outings. The group is open to all members, from beginner to experienced.

Contact: Jen Fawkes


Portfolios is a special interest group that commenced in 2022, supporting members in developing a body of work and presenting this work in a way that is both cohesive and professional.

Loosely based on the PSA model of portfolio, members shoot, collect, sort and present a group of images (10-20 images) along with the development of an artist statement and a master image.

The group will meet 4 times across the calendar year, culminating in the presentation of WCC Portfolio Distinctions to those portfolios deemed to have met all the requirements for a successful portfolio. This is not a competition, and all members, from beginner to advanced are invited to participate.

Gallery of past portfolios

Contact: Jen Fawkes