Education and training

Waverley Camera Club offers a wide range of education and training opportunities that run throughout the year for members of the club. There is something for all levels of experience, from beginners to advanced.

If you are fairly new to photography and “don’t know what you don’t know”, we suggest the following progression to start your learning:

  1. Beginners Mentoring
  2. Camera Fundamentals
  3. Editing Fundamentals
  4. Workshops


  • Camera Fundamentals – an entry level course for those with a new camera or wanting to get started in photography. The aim is to help you understand the settings you need to get off the automatic button, and to demystify the jargon. The course is held only once during the year and runs for 5 X 2 hour weekly sessions, with an optional practical outing. Numbers are limited to 6 participants.

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  • Editing Fundamentals – for all new photographers wanting to learn about the basics of post-production. This is a free course for members of the club, and runs for 5 weeks, coinciding with the completion of the Camera Fundamentals course. The course covers a range of post production tools (such as cropping, resizing, improving exposure, contrast) that will assist beginners with the preparation of images that may be suitable for the club’s competition. The course is based in PhotoShop, but one session will focus on an introduction to Lightroom.

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There are 3 mentoring groups as well as an individual mentoring service:

  • Beginners Mentoring Group – for those who are new to competition and may be reluctant to share images. This is a safe and supportive group to help you build the courage to participate in the club’s competition. Members bring along a couple of images on a USB which are shared with the group for review and feedback suggestions for improvement. The group is held monthly, and usually begins with a short education session (on a topic of at member’s request) on a key photography/ post processing issue.
  • General Mentoring Group – for those with some confidence in their camera skills and wish to have their images discussed and reviewed, with the aim for submission to club competitions. This group is held monthly, and all participants are invited to bring along 2-3 images, and to participate in sharing their opinions and suggestions on others’ work. Short education sessions can be included at member’s requests.
  • Honours Mentoring Group – this is for more experienced photographers considering entry to National and International competition for the purpose of photographic honours. Content will include information and direction about entering salons as well as image analysis for the purpose of submission to external competitions.
  • Individual mentoring – Do you have a question about a specific camera function, want to learn a specific photographic skill, or having problem with some of the tools in post-processing. Individual mentoring is for those with a specific question or problem. The onus is on the person seeking assistance to fit in with the mentor (i.e. driving, negotiating times, venues)

For all enquiries about mentoring send an email to, outlining which group you would like to join or what assistance you might need.


Workshops are held monthly with the aim of skill development within specific genres (such as macro, portrait, landscape, travel). The club endeavours to provide speakers with skill and expertise in these areas, and the sessions are free for members of all ability.

For more information see Workshops.


Waverley Camera Club offers a number of special interest groups (SIG) that assist members interested in specific areas to improve their knowledge and skills.

Currently we offer:

  • Creative Group – For intermediate and advanced photographers interested in enhancing their post-production skills to produce creative images.

For more information see the Groups.