October 2022 ‘Book or film title’ results

Judge: Ricardo da Cunha

Set subject EDI

Jenny Sui - The Lion King
Intermediate: Jenny Sui – The Lion King

Jill Shaw - Charlottes web
Advanced: Jill Shaw – Charlottes web

Open EDI

Jim Thorne - Fly away
Intermediate: Jim Thorne – Fly away

Sim Chong - Sand Forest Explorers
Advanced: Sim Chong – Sand Forest Explorers

Open Print

Jenny Sui - Silvereye feeding
Intermediate: Jenny Sui – Silvereye feeding

Vicki Moritz - Acheron tree
Advanced: Vicki Moritz – Acheron tree

Trace O'Rourke - Home Made>
Trace O’Rourke – Home Made

Set subject definition:

Illustrating the title of a published book or commercially released film. The title of the image is to be the title of the book or film.

It is not intended for text of the title of the book or film to be included as you would see on a book cover or movie poster. Use of text within the image is discouraged. Text generated by a licensed font is acquired content and not permitted.

Results from 32nd Eastern Interclub 2022

Last week I attended the 32nd Eastern Interclub presentation night run by Maroondah Photographic Society, with Sim, Jill & Geoff. It was an interesting night listening to the history of this competition, how it started with only a few entries and NO rules. Can you imagine the havoc that would cause now!!

WCC entered images in both Open EDI and B&W EDI, the results are:

  • Open EDI – Overall we came First with 83 points, 5 points in front of second
  • B&W EDI – Overall we came fifth with 71 points

Rebecca Kashyap - Rainy Night in Ginza
Rebecca Kashyap – Rainy Night in Ginza – 15 points, First place

Tuck Leong - Dew on Damselfly
Tuck Leong – Dew on Damselfly – 15 points, Merit

Kerry McFarlane - Catching First Light
Kerry McFarlane – Catching First Light – 14 points, Merit

Jen Fawkes - Crowned
Jen Fawkes – Crowned – 14 points, Merit

Our entries can be viewed in our Eastern Interclub 2022 galleries.

End of year competition 2022

Entries for our end of year competition are due on Tuesday 25 October 2022. This is a best of images entered throughout the year, members select from their previous entries to enter the end of year competition sections:

  • Two images for Open Print (prints from 2020 and 2021 are also eligible)
  • Two images for Colour EDI
  • Two images for Monochrome EDI
  • One image for Creative EDI

The entry must have been entered into a 2022 monthly competition (see below regarding prints) and in the same format. Colour EDI and Monochrome EDI images were entered in the Open EDI and Set Subject EDI sections, Creative EDI images were entered in the Creative EDI section.

As our print sections were interrupted during 2020 and 2021 and we did not have a print section in the end of year competition for those years, these prints are eligible for the 2022 end of year competition.

Select your entries through the Competition upload system. As well as selecting your print entries in the upload system, also ensure that your print entries are placed in the print box on Tuesday 25 October 2022 at our November competition night.

The subject for the President’s Trophy is “Happiness” with your entry due on Wednesday 15 November 2022, this is to be uploaded via the competition upload system.

Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden Outing – Thursday 15th September 2022

Our outing in September will be to the Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden (formerly National Rhododendron Gardens).

Date: Thursday 15th September 2022
Time: 10am to 12:30pm or later
Address: The Georgian Rd, Olinda VIC 3788
Camera gear: Macro, zoom (for birds) and landscape lenses (filter and tripod if you want to go to Olinda Falls, which is nearby)
Objects to capture: Spring flowers such as rhododendrons, magnolias, daffodils, daisies, cherry blossom etc, birds, plants and trees.
Food and drinks: You can bring your own lunch or buy lunch from Cafe Vireya, or nearby Cloudehill Gardens. Make sure you wear comfy shoes and warm clothes.

Please RSVP to Jennifer Sui.

September 2022 ‘Railway study’ results

Judge: Gary Smith

Set subject EDI

John Crawford - Outward Bound
Intermediate: John Crawford – Outward Bound

Sim Chong - Tea is always hot
Advanced: Sim Chong – Tea is always hot

Open EDI

Michael Bucklow - Arise
Intermediate: Michael Bucklow – Arise

Sim Chong - Horsham Bridge
Advanced: Sim Chong – Horsham Bridge

Open Print

Colleen Singleton - Standing Tall
Intermediate: Colleen Singleton – Standing Tall

Trace O'Rourke - Road from Hotham
Advanced: Trace O’Rourke – Road from Hotham

Set subject definition:

This is to include object or person that is easily recognizable as belonging to a railway.

New Committee for 2022/2023

Last night we held our AGM, prior to the workshop with Albert Tay. The minutes of the AGM, together with the President’s and Treasurer’s Reports, will be available in due course, but I did want to take this opportunity to provide a quick update around changes in the Committee.

The following people were elected to the positions stated below:

  • Ian Coombs, President
  • Russell Lucas, Vice President
  • Tim Keane, Secretary
  • Stephen Hilton, Treasurer

And as general committee members:

  • Vicki Moritz
  • Stephen Edmonds
  • Geoff Shaw
  • Elaine Whitton
  • Jennifer Sui
  • Colleen Singleton
  • Rebecca Kashyap

As you can see, I have stepped down as President after 3 years, but took up the supporting role to Ian Coombs, our new President. I’ll take this opportunity to congratulate Ian and welcome him into the role, and thank him for being prepared to take it on.

I said a lot of ‘thank you’s last night in my President Report, and I will not repeat them here – suffice it to say, we are lucky to have a great team, with considerable depth and experience, supporting our cub, and it great to see that largely retained.

I did want to call out our two retiring committee members, Paul Spence and Jen Fawkes. Paul has steered our Creative group from inception to where it is today over several years. Anyone who has been involved in that group would have to be impressed not only with Paul’s knowledge, skill and craft, but also his passion for this subject. He has put Waverley ‘on the map’ as far as creative photography endeavours are concerned. Jen has been the instigator of several great programs and initiatives at our club, and currently runs ‘Street Beat’, the Portfolio Group and the the clubs involved in the PSA Competitions. Jen also organised our weekend away this year, although was unable to attend due to COVID. Jen has worked really hard for us bringing us new and interesting initiatives that challenge us in different ways. We look forward to her continuing to lead some of these groups, albeit off the committee – serving as a great example that you do not have to be on the committee to help the club drive things forward. On behalf of the members and committee, I’d like to thank Jen and Paul for their service and contribution.

I’d also like to thank all of you, our members, for giving me the privilege of leadership over the last three years. Thank you for your friendship, and most importantly, thank you for your support. I am now looking forward to working with Ian and the team as we move forward.

Kind regards, Russell.

AGM followed by workshop with Albert Tay

Below is some information from Albert on tonight’s workshop (after our AGM), do come along and find something new to do at home!

Workshop Summary

Do you have enough photography ideas to keep yourself busy during weekends or rainy days? Albert Tay has done a lot and will be sharing the secrets behind his Levitation and Multiplicity photos. He will talk about the preparation, setup, tips and go through the post processing (if time permits).

Workshop Outline

  • WOW photography – a reveal
  • Breaking the ‘magician’s oath’
  • Story and inspiration behind the shoots
    • Levitation (self portraits)
    • Levitation (products)
    • Multiplicity
  • Preparations – ideas, concepts, locations, props and setup
  • Tips
  • Before & After
  • Learning by example – props, tools and post processing
  • Q&A

PSA Interclub 2021-2022 Final Results

The final results for the PSA Interclub competitions for 2021-2022 are in and we have done quite well for our first time entering:

Division Group Total points Standing
Open F 177 3rd
Creative B 201 1st
Nature C 182 9th
Travel B 172 1st
Photojournalism B 178 3rd

Clubs start out in the lowest group in each division and the top clubs are automatically moved up to the next level for the following year. As can be seen we will be moving up a few groups, however the division are slightly different for the 2022-2023 year.

In addition the images in each round that received a merit are judged again to determine the best of show images. Congratulations to Vicki and Xiaobo for these images which received an honourable mention in the end of year:

Vicki Moritz - Family Portrait
Vicki Moritz – Family Portrait

Xiaobo Yu - Beijing Front Gate
Xiaobo Yu – Beijing Front Gate

All of our entries can be viewed in our PSA Interclub 2021-2022 galleries.