Creative competitions in 2023

As communicated last year, we have moved the “creative EDI” competition from the main competition nights. We did this because in months where we had an additional Creative section the number of images to judge was getting to be a significant burden on the judges, and the extra images were making for an overlong competition night.

This year we will be running the Creative EDI competition in conjunction with the “Creative Special Interest Group” meetings, which I am convening in 2023. These meetings will be held every second month by zoom and are open to all members of the club, whether or not they have expressed a specific interest in joining the Creative SIG.

The competition judging will be run at the very start of the meeting – I expect a start about 7:30 PM with a brief introduction then the images and judge’s comments will be finished before 8 PM after which we will move on to the rest of the Creative SIG meeting, so those who want can join for the judging and exit or stay with the meeting for longer if they wish.

Creative image entries due Judging and Creative SIG NOTES
Tuesday, 31 January 2023 Tuesday, 14 February 2023 Judge: Heather Prince
Tuesday, 28 March 2023 Tuesday, 11 April 2023 Judge: TBA
Tuesday, 30 May 2023 Tuesday, 13 June 2023 Judge: TBA
Tuesday, 11 July 2023 Tuesday, 8 August 2023 WCC-Geelong Creative interclub comp.
Tuesday, 26 September 2023 Tuesday, 10 October 2023 Judge:TBA

Further information and the 2023 creative competitions schedule.

Portfolio Project for 2022

Congratulations to everyone who joined in the Portfolio project for 2022. As mentioned at the awards night, the outcomes of this project far exceeded any of my expectations, and the result is 17 outstanding portfolios. I have enjoyed watching the development of ideas, the sharing of images and statements, and final results are something to be proud of.

Thank you to the committee for embracing something ‘different’.

Here is the list of members who were successful in achieving a 2022 Portfolio Distinction:

Tim Keane - Bunjil Place

Thank you for a great 2022!

What a year it has been, so many workshops, outings, lots and lots of images, what more in life could we want!!

Last night was the Annual Presentation Night, with many highlights, some being:

  • Paul Spence, became a life member
  • Jennifer Sui was top aggregate scorer
  • Portfolio distinctions were awarded
  • Judges Christopher Ian & Mandarine Montgomery, gave insightful comments, and answered many questions informally
  • Lots of door prizes won, with very happy recipients
  • A very social time was had by all.

On behalf of the committee, have a wonderful and safe festive season, see you all next year with our first event a BBQ on 10th January 2023 at Brickmakers Park.

End of Year Results 2022

End of year competitions

Judges: Mandarine Montgomery and Christopher Ian

Best Print

Vicki Moritz - Acheron tree

1st – Vicki Moritz – Acheron tree
2nd – John Noble – Black Shouldered Kite nest building
3rd – Tim Keane – September Blossom

Best Colour EDI

Rebecca Kashyap - Path to Fuji san

1st – Rebecca Kashyap – Path to Fuji san
2nd – Sim Chong – Sand Forest Explorers
3rd – Felix Shparberg – Flying food

Best Monochrome EDI

Trace O'Rourke - Isolated

1st – Trace O’Rourke – Isolated
2nd – John Crawford – High Fashion Hire Wire
3rd – Sim Chong – Hallway

Best Creative EDI

Sim Chong - Alone

1st – Sim Chong – Alone
2nd – Trace O’Rourke – Home Made
3rd – Steve Hilton – Eggsistential Crisis

Aggregate awards

Open Print – Advanced

1st – Vicki Moritz – 22 points
2nd – Felix Shparberg – 18 points
3rd – Trace O’Rourke – 15 points

Open Print – Intermediate

1st – John Noble – 22 points
2nd – Jenny Hartman – 17 points
3rd – Jennifer Sui – 15 points

Set Subject EDI – Advanced

1st – Sim Chong – 23 points
2nd – Jen Fawkes – 16 points
3rd – Steve Hilton – 14 points

Set Subject EDI – Intermediate

1st – Jennifer Sui – 20 points
2nd – John Crawford – 17 points
3rd – Colleen Singleton – 16 points

Open EDI – Advanced

1st – Rebecca Kashyap – 22 points
2nd – Dianne Willis – 21 points
3rd – Alan Bennett – 16 points

Open EDI – Intermediate

1st – Jim Thorne – 16 points
1st – Jennifer Sui – 16 points
1st – Leanne Poole – 16 points

Creative EDI

1st – Sim Chong – 7 points
1st – Jennifer Sui – 7 points
1st – Helen Warnod – 7 points

Top Scorer (across all sections and groups)

Jennifer Sui – 58 points

President’s trophy

Phillip Harris - Happiness
Phillip Harris – Happiness

Monthly competitions in 2023

February – Scapes

Judge: Barry Feldman
Entries due: Tuesday 10 January 2023
Judged: Tuesday 7 February 2023
Sections: Open print
Open EDI
Set subject EDI
Set subject definition: An image featuring an expansive view. Generally a scape could be defined as a “vista” or a “broad view” of the subject.
Landscape – A landscape is a picture of natural inland scenery displayed in a pictorial fashion. It may include evidence of man, people, animals and even part of the sea provided that none of these dominate the picture.
Seascape – A seascape is a photograph of natural coastal scenery, a wave study or a picture of the open sea. People, boats and items related to these may be present as incidental items in the picture.
Cityscape – The urban equivalent of a landscape, a cityscape depicts the built form and shape of a city or town (or one of its parts) through general or broad views of buildings and/or streets. Architectural detail images of one or more buildings are not considered cityscapes.
(Vigex 2022 definition)

March – Shadows (monochrome)

Judge: Theo van der Meulen
Entries due: Tuesday 7 February 2023
Judged: Tuesday 7 March 2023
Sections: Monochrome open print
Monochrome open EDI
Monochrome set subject EDI
Set subject definition: The shadow(s) is the main feature and the cause of the shadow may be included but must not be dominant.
(modified from SAPF)

April – Motion/movement

Judge: TBA
Entries due: Tuesday 7 March 2023
Judged: Tuesday 4 April 2023
Sections: Open print
Open EDI
Set subject EDI
Set subject definition: This subject covers the full range of techniques to indicate the state of moving including Intentional Camera Movement, long exposure and light trails
[1] Of people – encompassing, but not limited to, dancing, ballet, sport, callisthenics or gymnasium.
[2] Of things – an image in which our visual sense tells us that the subject is moving eg waterfalls, panning traffic, motor sports.
[3] Of fauna – capturing all forms of movement on land, in water and in the air. The sense of motion may be added in post processing
(modified from APJA & SAPF)

May – In the City

Judge: David Norris
Entries due: Tuesday 4 April 2023
Judged: Tuesday 2 May 2023
Sections: Open print
Open EDI
Set subject EDI
Set subject definition: Images taken in any major city of the world. The image must include iconic, characteristic, distinctive and recognisable physical features although it is not necessary the image identify the exact location. Images that predominantly or exclusively depict people and their activities must illustrate a distinctive aspect of the city, country, region or continent. There are no limitations on processing techniques.
(Partially taken from the PSA 2023 travel definition)

June – Portrait (Human or Animal)

Judge: Craig Wetjen
Entries due: Tuesday 2 May 2023
Judged: Tuesday 6 June 2023
Sections: Open print
Open EDI
Set subject EDI
Set subject definition: Where the character of the subject/subjects or the character being portrayed by the subject is made evident by suitable lighting, pose or expression. Costume, props or scenery are acceptable aids.

July – Macro / Close-up

Judge: TBA
Entries due: Tuesday 6 June 2023
Judged: Tuesday 4 July 2023
Sections: Open print
Open EDI
Set subject EDI
Set subject definition: An image that shows a subject closer and in more detail than we are used to seeing in everyday life.

August – Autumn

Judge: Mario Mirabile
Entries due: Tuesday 4 July 2023
Judged: Tuesday 1 August 2023
Sections: Open print
Open EDI
Set subject EDI
Set subject definition: An image in which the dominant content is associated with the season of Autumn.

September – Cemeteries (monochrome)

Judge: TBA
Entries due: Tuesday 1 August 2023
Judged: Tuesday 5 September 2023
Sections: Monochrome open print
Monochrome open EDI
Monochrome set subject EDI
Set subject definition: Images taken in a cemetery. There are no limitations on editing.

October – A pop of colour

Judge: Jose Aguiar
Entries due: Tuesday 5 September 2023
Judged: Tuesday 3 October 2023
Sections: Open print
Open EDI
Set subject EDI
Set subject definition: An image where the main feature/subject is a dominant colour.

November – Plants and Fungi

Judge: TBA
Entries due: Tuesday 3 October 2023
Judged: Tuesday 31 October 2023
Sections: Open print
Open EDI
Set subject EDI
Set subject definition: Images of plant life. Plants include flowers, trees and in this case fungi (which are not formally plants). There are no limitations on editing eg this is not following the nature definition.

December – End of year

Judge: TBA
Entries due: Tuesday 31 October 2023
Judged: Tuesday 5 December 2023
Sections: Open print
Colour EDI
Monochrome EDI
Creative EDI
President’s trophy

November 2022 ‘At the beach’ results

Judge: Ian Rolfe

Set subject EDI

Colleen Singleton - Anticipation
Intermediate: Colleen Singleton – Anticipation

Alan Bennett - Beach boat and sun set
Advanced: Alan Bennett – Beach boat and sun set

Open EDI

Leanne Poole - Icycle
Intermediate: Leanne Poole – Icycle

Dianne Willis - Searching Juv Spotted Harrier
Advanced: Dianne Willis – Searching Juv Spotted Harrier

Open Print

Jenny Sui - An adorable lemur
Intermediate: Jenny Sui – An adorable lemur

Helen Warnod - Omo women dance
Advanced: Helen Warnod – Omo women dance

Set subject definition:

An image in which a view of the beach or surrounds predominates, including activities that occur at the beach.