VAPS Interclub 2021 results

Congratulations to our members who had images selected for entry into the 2021 VAPS Interclub competition, our total aggregate score was 115 which placed us equal 4th out of 48 clubs.

Special mention to Steve Hilton and Sim Chong for receiving 13 points for the following images:

Steve Hilton - Laughter is the best medicine
Steve Hilton – Laughter is the best medicine

Sim Chong - The Road Ahead
Sim Chong – The Road Ahead

All of our entries can be viewed in our VAPS Interclub 2021 gallery.

Honours SIG in June 2021

Our honours group meeting this week is a good session for those considering starting on the honours path.

WCC Honours SIG on Wednesday 9 June 2021:

  • WCC Honours Board
  • FAPS to MAPS transition
  • Forthcoming competitions
  • Guest speaker: Alan Bennet – CPPA and APS honours by panel submission
  • Image critique

June 2021 ‘Abstract’ results

Judge: Mieke Boynton

Set subject EDI

Alan Scott - Confluence
Intermediate: Alan Scott – Confluence

Vicki Moritz - Heavenly bodies1
Advanced: Vicki Moritz – Heavenly bodies1

Open EDI

Elaine Whitton - Dusk flight
Intermediate: Elaine Whitton – Dusk flight

Trace O'Rourke - Camperdown Moreton Bay Fig
Advanced: Trace O’Rourke – Camperdown Moreton Bay Fig

Open Print

Daren Fawkes - Back from the summit
Intermediate: Daren Fawkes – Back from the summit

Felix Shparberg - Daniel
Advanced: Felix Shparberg – Daniel


Steve Hilton - Watching over you
Steve Hilton – Watching over you

COVID & WCC Activities

As we are all in lockdown for the next 7 days, it probably goes without saying, but all in-person WCC activities are now suspended until further notice.

Where practical and possible, club meetings, workshops etc. will be conducted via Zoom. This will commence with the June Competition Night next Tuesday, June 1st, at 7:30PM, on Zoom.

At our committee meeting tonight, we decided that while we will proceed with the judging of prints submitted this month (for June 1 judging), we intend to put these prints out for display at the July meeting (assuming we can meet in-person by then). There will be no print competition in July and you will not submit prints, or EDIs of same, by June 1 (for the July comp).

We are hoping that this will be a short interruption to our in-person activities and print comp. We will keep you informed via email, the website, and Facebook as we work through this together.

Please read our weekly WCC Watson Emails where we will confirm proceedings for the next week and whether they are via Zoom or in-person (if restrictions permit), as well as the details for each specific session.

Please stay safe and stay well.

4-Club Interclub 2021 results

Last night we received the results of the 2021 4-Club (Camberwell, Maroondah, Eastern Suburbs and ourselves) interclub which was hosted by Eastern Suburbs Photographic Society and judged by Ian Rolfe this year.

For the Monochrome EDI section we were equal first overall with Sim Chong taking out first place for this image:

Sim Chong - The S Sofa

Congratulations also goes to Daren Fawkes and Alan Bennett for their highly commended images:

Alan Bennett - I spy

Daren Fawkes - Georgia

In the Colour EDI section we also placed equal first with Jill Shaw receiving a third place:

Jill Shaw - Caught in a snowstorm

Steve Hilton and Marie Shaw also received highly commended for their images:

Steve Hilton - Daredevils

Marie Shaw - Poppies

All of our entries can be viewed in the Monochrome EDI and Colour EDI galleries.