June 2024 ‘Triptych’ results

Judge: Sarah Louise Jackson

Set subject EDI

Kirsten Morton - Sunbreak Wavebreak
Intermediate: Kirsten Morton – Sunbreak Wavebreak

Daryl Lynch - Moomba Fireworks
Advanced: Daryl Lynch – Moomba Fireworks

Open EDI

Simon Glance - MilkyWayfromWA
Intermediate: Simon Glance – MilkyWayfromWA

Sim Chong - Morning Mist
Advanced: Sim Chong – Morning Mist

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Jenny Adams - Roald Dahl
Intermediate: Jenny Hartman – Jenny Adams – Roald Dahl

Vicki Moritz - Turf farm survivor
Advanced: Vicki Moritz – Turf farm survivor

Set subject definition:

A series of three (3) images that are linked and presented in a single frame. There are no limitations on editing beyond what is in the by-laws.

PSA Interclub 2023-24 Results

We have recieved the results from Round 3 of the PSA Interclub, making our final standings:

Division Group Total points Standing
Colour E 183 4th
Mono C 183 5th
Nature B 197 5th
Travel A 170 16th
Photojournalism B 171 5th

Congratulations to the following images which received an award throughout the three rounds:

Jennifer Sui - Four hungry baby swallows Rebecca Kashyap - Fuji by the Sea Sim Chong - Luna Park Sydney Jenny Hartman -  Sculptural George Skarbek - Snow and tree

Leanne Poole - Mayfly John Crawford - If Looks Could Kill Jenny Hartman - Frog Love Tuck Leong - The gift Felix Shparberg - Expressivity

Jen Fawkes - Naked Bike Ride Kerry McFarlane - Face First Sim Chong - Framed Building 2 Alan Scott - Begger Geoff Shaw - Fly 3

Stephen Jude - Saya 1 Rebecca Kashyap - 927 Rainbow Frames PSA Stephen Edmonds - Licking Vicki Moritz - SM the thinker Marlene Chaitra - Musical Light

Alan Scott - Looking Back Sim Chong - Welcome Swallow Feeding Jen Fawkes - King Penguin and chick

All images and scores are available in our PSA Interclub 2023-24 SmugMug galleries.

All images awarded a merit throughout the season go into the EOY competition. Good luck.

May 2024 ‘Animals in Action – Behaviour (nature)’ results

Judge: Sam Mariani

Set subject EDI

Keith Webster - Frog snack
Intermediate: Keith Webster – Frog snack

Daren Fawkes - Dinner time
Advanced: Daren Fawkes – Dinner time

Open EDI

Lyndel Holt - Pondering
Intermediate: Lyndel Holt – Pondering

Felix Shparberg - Different emotions
Advanced: Felix Shparberg – Different emotions

Open Print

Jenny Hartman - Road to El Chalten
Intermediate: Jenny Hartman – Road to El Chalten

Leanne Poole - Mayfly
Advanced: Leanne Poole – Mayfly

Set subject definition:

Take your nature photography a step further and take an image of an animal/animals in action. Looking for animal behaviour (running, jumping, flying, feeding, mating, fighting…). The editing rules for PSA Nature are to be followed but not the content rules. Domestic animals are allowed as are objects created by humans, and evidence of human activity.

Continuous Lighting for Portraiture with Andrea Esposito

Jill Shaw - J Shaw 8

Last month seventeen members participated in a hands-on portraiture workshop at Southbank, learning to use the club’s Nanlites. Andreas Esposito, from Astir Images, showed us how to use the lights to create various effects with the city lights as a backdrop. Members worked together practiced posing the models and using various lighting colours, positions and intensities to create a range of great images.

Geoff Shaw - 20240416 WCC workshop GSR52436 Daryl Lynch - Sima 4328 Colleen Singleton - City 7 Xiaobo Yu - MA07

More images from our members can be viewed in our smugmug gallery.

April 2024 ‘In the Kitchen’ results

Judge: Jose Aguiar

Set subject EDI

Colleen Singleton - Strawberries and cream
Intermediate: Colleen Singleton – Strawberries and cream

Sim Chong - Curry Fish
Advanced: Sim Chong – Curry Fish

Open EDI

Jenny Hartman - Taking a Break
Intermediate: Jenny Hartman – Taking a Break

Rebecca Kashyap - 927 Rainbow Frames
Advanced: Rebecca Kashyap – 927 Rainbow Frames

Open Print

Jenny Adams - Agave
Intermediate: Jenny Adams – Agave

Jenny Sui - Flammingo closeup
Advanced: Jenny Sui – Flammingo closeup

Set subject definition:

Get into the kitchen and have some fun! Create an image of the people, activities, food, or tools all within the theme of ‘in the kitchen’. There are no limitations on editing beyond what is in the by-laws.

Rosie Hughes Memorial Prize – TOPshots competition

As most of you know the club lost a dear member Rosie Hughes a few years ago. Resulting from this tragedy Rosie’s family and the club joined forces and decided to sponsor a photographic competition, as Rosie was a great teacher and was willing to develop the skills of any club member that requested assistance. The club spoke to the Museum of Australian Photography (MAPh) and for their TOPshots competition, a year 12 school competition, the winner receives the Rosie Hughes Memorial Prize.

The presentation this year is on:

Date: Wednesday 27th March
Time: 6pm – 7.30pm
Address: 850 Ferntree Gully Road, Wheelers Hill

Please book thru the invitation link.

You are all welcome to attend, I hope to see you there.

Kind regards,
Ian Coombs

Intentional Camera Movement – 19th March 2024

Unfortunately Roy Killen who was going to give an online workshop on Nature photography for us tomorrow night is not well.

I will now be giving a workshop planned for June in his place. It will be on Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) and will be held in the main hall of the Mount Waverley Community Centre, 7.30 start. And a reminder this is our set subject for the August competition

Please bring your camera, a zoom lens with a good range, something colourful to photography in an abstract sort of way and be prepared to
play! Tripods optional.

March 2024 ‘Portrait (monochrome)’ results

Judge: Paul Dodd

Set subject EDI

Alan Scott - Looking Up
Intermediate: Alan Scott – Looking Up

Sim Chong - 92 yo Potter
Advanced: Sim Chong – 92 yo Potter

Open EDI

Ross Eddington - Beyond
Intermediate: Ross Eddington – Beyond

Vicki Moritz - 2 walkers Melbourne
Advanced: Vicki Moritz – 2 walkers Melbourne

Open Print

Colleen Singleton - tree knots
Intermediate: Colleen Singleton – tree knots

Stephen Edmonds - Through arch
Advanced: Stephen Edmonds – Through arch

Set subject definition:

Theme open to interpretation but must be of a person/s or animals. There are no limitations on editing beyond what is in the by-laws.