Increasing your chances of success in competitions

All members are welcome to join this workshop hosted by the Honours Group on Wednesday 12 August at 7:30pm.

This workshop will help members select and prepare images for club competitions and it will be of special benefit to those considering entering National or International competitions. The session will last for approximately 90 minutes and there wil be opportunities fo participants to ask questions.

You can see some of Roy’s work at

Photopix – July 2020

This Thursday 16th July we have two presentations by WCC members who will share what they get up to when the leave the house! The presenters will share their stories via Zoom, followed by questions from the audience.

We will also take a quick glimpse at the work that is produced by one of our workshop classes.


Purpose: Getting out in COVID-19 times

Geoff Shaw – Nature in my neighbourhood

In a travel restricted world. I’m exploring the abundant nature here in Melbourne. I’ll discuss the what, where and how, and hopefully inspire you to expand your nature photography close to home.


Purpose: Perfecting your photography

George Skarbek – Night sky photography

A PowerPoint presentation, with George’s comments and photographic examples, that focus on how to plan and proceed to produce good photos of the night sky. There will be many hints and tips on how to start and what you need and some tips on what to avoid.


Purpose: The value of WCC workshops

Jen Fawkes – Camera Fundamentals

The WCC annual ‘Camera Fundamentals’ workshops are specifically designed for members new to photography. It provides a safe environment to learn about the basics of camera craft and photography. The is a showcase of their recent work in the CBD.

VAPS Interclub 2020 results

Congratulation to the members who had images selected for entry into the 2020 VAPS interclub competition which was limited to EDI entries only this year. With 106 points we placed 16th out of 48 clubs.

Special congratulations to Geoff Shaw whose image was selected to represent Victoria in the Australian Interstate Photographic Competition 2020.

Geoff Shaw - Image in image 2
Geoff Shaw – Image in image 2

All of our entries can be viewed in our VAPS Interclub 2020 gallery

10-Club Portrait Competition Results

Congratulations to everyone who was involved in our clubs submission to the 10-club portrait competition. The competition was close and we came a very successful second place.

Special thanks to Jen Fawkes for coordinating our entries, and for receiving awards:

Jen Fawkes - Who Are You
Jen Fawkes – Who Are You
Abstract/Creative portraiture
13 points, Winner
Jen Fawkes - The Daily Meeting
Jen Fawkes – The Daily Meetup
Two or more people
11 points, Honorable Mention

All entries can be viewed in a gallery provided by Camberwell Camera Club.

Our images, both those submitted as well as the selected entries, can be viewed in the Camberwell Portrait 2020 galleries.

We hope you have all enjoyed being part of this, and that you will join in again next year.

Photopix – June 2020

Due to an opportunity to secure a workshop with Peter Eastway on Thursday 18th June 2020, we have brought Photopix forward two days to be held on Tuesday 16th June 2020.

This month we have three interesting presentations by WCC members:

  • Donna Clarke : Following my Grandad through his French battlefields journey
  • Ray Stabey: An Old Dog Learning New Tricks? Why Have I Started Photography School
  • Vicki Moritz: Landscape Photography – before, during and after

Thanks to Wolf and Jen for their presentations last month.