A beautiful day for a stroll and animal photography

Fortune smiled upon us for our October Outing to Healesville Sanctuary. It was a beautiful day for a stroll and a bit of photography. We numbered 23, including family members and guests.

Dave Sumner - An Easy Meal ANGELA MCLEOD-GREEN BIRD Jen Fawkes - _MG_9667(2)fb Jack Moore - Nestling

We we also fortunate to have had many very experienced photographers amongst us, who agreed to mentor others on the day. Thanks to Dave Sumner, Jen Fawkes, Vicki Moritz, Angela McLeod, Tuck Leong, Steve Hilton and Tim Keane who volunteered to mentor. Thanks also to Dave Sumner who provided a ‘Hints for Animal Photography document’ for all participants.

Helen Warnod -Landing Jack Moore - Looking at ya! George Skarbek - Medium bird VM-Jabiru with fish

More photos from participating members can be found in the outing gallery.

Results from 29th Eastern Interclub 2019

Recently we participated in the 29th Eastern Interclub 2019 run by the Maroondah Photographic Society. Congratulations to our members whose prints were selected as we took out first place for the print section.

Anthony Pearsall - A budget Christo Tim Keane - Zebra Plain Vicki Moritz - Spirit coming in Felix Shparberg - In Flemish style Tim Keane - St Kilda Marina

Individual congratulations to the following members:

Tim Keane - Zebra Plain
Tim Keane – Zebra Plain – 14 points – 2nd place

Felix Shparberg - In Flemish style
Felix Shparberg – In Flemish style – 12 points – Merit

Geoff Shaw - Torso 2
Geoff Shaw – Torso 2 – 12 points – Merit

Hai Thi Nguyen – LIGHT PAINTING WANAKA AUTUMN NZ – 12 points – Merit

See our Eastern Interclub 2019 galleries for all of our entries.

President’s Trophy 2019 – Moment Of Impact

With only two more competition nights remaining (October 1st, and October 29th) our club year is building up to its finale. That can only mean one thing… it is time to announce the subject for the 2019 President’s Trophy competition.

The subject for this year is… Moment Of Impact

I am not going to provide any further definition as I want us all to enjoy the full spectrum of creativity that might come from leaving the subject stated as-is. Above all, I really hope that you have some fun with it.

Please note that your images must the submitted to club’s competition email address by the end of the day, Tuesday November 5, 2019 (Melbourne Cup Day).

Bring on the “Wow” (and maybe a few laughs).

Good luck and regards, Russell.

End of year competition 2019

Entries for our end of year competition are due on Tuesday 29 October 2018. Of images entered throughout the year, members can select from those to enter the end of year competition with two images in each of:

  • Open print
  • Colour EDI
  • Monochrome EDI

The entry must have been entered into a 2019 monthly competition and in the same format. A print must have been previously entered as a print, and an EDI must have been previously entered as an EDI. An EDI cannot be printed and entered as a print, or vice versa.

On Tuesday 29 October 2019 bring your prints along to be placed in the competition box, but do not resend your EDI files to the competition address, you only need to send through the filename of each entry.

The subject for the President’s Trophy will be announced soon, your entry for that will be due (emailed to the competition address) on Tuesday 5 November 2019.

Low-light challenge both outdoors and indoors

The September outing was a very enjoyable and quite an educational experience despite a very disappointing sunrise. I imagined that the threat of rain and a rendezvous at the Queen Victoria Market at 6am would not attract many but, despite the odds, we numbered eight!

Helen Warnod - Morning coffee Stephen Hilton - Customer Relationships Colleen Singleton - Which one to pick Stephen Edmonds - Hot & Spicy

This outing presented photographers with a low-light challenge both outdoors in the early light at the Queen Victoria market and an indoors challenge in the St. Mary Star of the Sea church, a short walk away.

Helen Warnod - St Mary Star of the Sea Chruch Stephen Hilton - St Mary 1 Stephen Hilton - St Mary 2 Stephen Edmonds - Crossing

It was a great opportunity for both experienced and less experienced photographers to talk and share expertise and experiences. We finished the outing with a bite to eat and a good coffee at the Common Ground Café at the end of the morning.

More photos from participating members can be found in the outing gallery.

September 2019 Workshop – Gear Night

All members are welcome to the Gear night! If you have never attended a gear night now is the time to begin! Our mentors and resident experts sit with a group with similar camera brands and take and answer questions from members about their cameras. The advantage is you will receive ‘pertinent’ rather than ‘generic’ answers to your queries.

Don’t be put off if you are a beginner or not too technical! This is a small group situation and all questions at any level will be discussed.

Hope to see you there!