Before and After – by Ron Weatherhead

I was asked whether I had altered my Water Lilly image in Photoshop (it won the projected image comp in Feb). I took this picture some time ago and could not remember so I searched and found the original image. It may be of interest to look at my “before and after” Photoshop images:
I liked the pattern of the leaves and cropped to include just the one flower. Remember Peter (our judge in Feb) Ryan’s advice – deciding what to leave out is important! The yellow leaf was a distraction so it was removed. The image was then enhanced by darkening increasing contrast and saturation. I cannot remember exactly what I did in Photoshop, but I suspect that I made a layer copy and then used the “Find Edges” filter which I then combined with the background layer “multiply” low “opacity” to highlight the water droplets.

Not all of my photos are worked on as much as this one. However, I do enjoy playing in Photoshop as it adds a great deal of creativity to my photography hobby.