An Explanation of the “4 CLUB” Competition

A brief but informative introduction to 4-Club from the WCC President, Pete Davies.

There are competitions being run outside of WCC’s monthly comp and lots of photography clubs get together and stage inter club competitions. Waverley is involved in one known as 4 Club, every six months (usually April and October) we join up with Berwick Viewfinders, Eastern Suburbs Photographic Society and Maroondah Photographic Society. The clubs take turns to host the event and Waverley does it in April during the odd number years and when Waverley is not hosting the 4 Club it receives a letter from the host club asking for entries.

We are invited to enter 6 colour, 6 monochrome and 6 digital prints. There is an individual medal given to the maker of the best entry in each class while all the scores are tallied up in each section and the top club in each section is awarded a trophy. Last time around Waverley won everything except for one trophy. Can we do it again? Come along and see.

When you see 4 Club Selection Night listed in the program bring along some prints and or digital for everybody to have a look at. General consensus decides which entries are chosen and we try to spread the entries between as many makers as possible. When we do host the 4 club comp we move into the Community Centre on the corner of Stephenson’s Road and Miller Crescent. If you look out of the kitchen window in Wadham House and across the car park you are looking at the Community Centre.

Please bring a plate of food with you and arrive early as we need some equipment carted across to the Community Centre.

As a final favour could I ask you all to make an effort to introduce yourselves to at least one person that you do not recognise? The whole point of these interclub comps is to get out there and share the love so to speak. Everybody there is there because they all share a common passion so why not spread it around?

Pete Davies WCC President