WCC Attendees Meet Members of Ivanhoe Photographic Society at Phillip Island Seminar

WCC members, Pete & Jill Myers, Vicki Moritz & Dave Sumner met up with Ivanhoe Photographic Society members Dianne, Jolanta, Cindy, Bernie & Barbara at the Phillip Island Camera Club’s Image Evaluation Seminar’s evening meal.

A great evening was had discussing clubs, memberships and what clubs should offer for their members.

As the evening went on it became more apparent that the Ivanhoe club was very similar in size to WCC. They were in the same position as WCC 18 months ago. They told us that although they had a great beginners course which was open to the public, the retention rate of converting students to members was very poor. We discussed newsletters and member communication, and of course with the help of modern technology such as the iPhone, WCC was able to not only show them our Blog and Galleries, we were also able to post this article whilst talking with them.

We showed them the monthly galleries, the critique gallery and the 4-Club gallery. Lin Richards our 4 club gallery was a guest speaker at the seminar, and spoke very positively about out WCC and our online galleries.

It was made apparent through this exchange of information that WCC had come a long way in the last 18 months giving the Ivanhoe members much to think of.

I like to think we successfully passed on some helpful hints and tips to help them with their club and its future, as well having a great night with some lovely people.

Cindy & Jolanta

Jill talking with Dianne.

Barbara & Bernie

A few quick notes from Vicki Moritz

Just adding a bit more to Dave’s information about the Philip Island weekend- as sadly Jill, Dave and Pete couldn’t make the Sunday sessions.

Adrian Smith presented information about what judges look for, and encouraged those present to think about becoming judges.

Portrait photography was presented by Jim Weatherill and Marg Huxtable showing their images and discussing various aspects of portrait photography (skip the expensive stuff, 2 bunnings lights are fine!)

After lunch Ron Cork and John Commin presented 2 different views of travel photography. It was entertaining watching Ron unpack his travel bag- 2 camera bodies, about 6 lenses, portable hard drive, tripods, bag for len changes, flash….over 12 kg. On the other hand John travels with one camera and two lenses!

I also spoke with the Ivanhoe Camera club group, it would be good to do something with them in the future.


Click here http://pjmphoto.blogspot.com/ for a detailed description of the Anzac Day, weekend.