Club Outing – Sunday 3rd May 2009 – Botanical Gardens

Just a quick reminder from the President, Pete Davies regarding Sunday’s club visit to the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne.

This Sunday we are going to Melbourne Botanical Gardens.

I will be at Gate F at 7:30am, yes it’s early.  If you want to get there later and can’t find me hiding in the bushes somewhere then give me a call on 0403 803 299 to find out where I am.  I have to leave at 11 to go to Frankston for a VAPS meeting so I won’t be able to join you for lunch.

If you plan to be there later and stay for lunch then perhaps do a reply all with your plans and mobile number included.  That way we won’t all be completely scattered about the park wandering around looking for someone to explain why their shots are all blurry.

You can find a map of the Botanical Gardens which shows gate F here:

See you there.