First workshop of 2010

Tonight at WCC we are having our first workshop for the year and it is to do with software.

Rather than have one person up the front and the rest all sat down looking at the screen we will try something different. It has been proven that the method used in the past doesn’t work for several reasons.

So what we will try is this:

I would like everyone who is able to bring their laptop (or PC’s if you prefer) with them tonight. We can then split up into much smaller groups and therefore (in theory) be able to cater for all levels of expertise. All the people who are familiar with Photoshop/Lightroom/Elements and so on will be able to demonstrate what they know and all those for whom digital editing is still a bit of a mystery will be able to ask questions specific to them.

This will only work if everyone participates.

We also have the monitor calibration tool which is available to anyone who wants to use it.

See you all tonight,