Recent interclubs (VAPS and Camberwell)

Waverley CC did rather well at the recent 4 Club where we won the aggregate for all three sections: digital, colour prints and monochrome prints. The other two interclubs we’ve just been in are the VAPS Interclub and the Camberwell Camera Club Mono Comp.

The VAPS Interclub is held once a year and is open to all Camera Clubs in Victoria. This year the exhibition of entries took place at the Muster in Apollo Bay. WCC finished mid table in each of the three sections. The entries are scored out of 15 points and each club gets to enter 5 images in each section.

  • In the Novice section, WCC got 45 points. The winner, Geelong Camera Club, had 55.
  • In the Open print section we received 45 points. The winner, Camberwell Camera Club, was awarded 57.
  • In the EDI section Waverley got 50 points while the first placed club was Southern Suburbs Photo Society with 60.

The judging of the Camberwell Interclub took place last Monday night and the judge was the well known Adrian Smith.

Apart from Camberwell four other clubs were invited to participate. The other clubs were Geelong, Frankston, Doncaster and ourselves. When I arrived at Camberwell and saw who the other clubs were I thought we would be lucky if we didn’t finish last in each section (large, small and EDI – all monochrome). At the recent VAPS interclub those other four clubs would all have been in the top five or six clubs overall. On top of that Geelong and Frankston both have well over 100 members.

It came as a very pleasant surprise then that we finished equal first in the EDI section. We got 66 points along with Camberwell and Geelong. In the large print section we had 59 while the winner, Frankston, had 65. Small prints was won by Doncaster with 64 while we had 60. So overall, while we did come last we certainly didn’t disgrace ourselves. What was most pleasing was the number of people were able to muster to attend the evening on very short notice.

Congratulations to everyone who took part in these competitions either as entrants or attendees at the judging evenings.

The next interclub will be the Knox Monochrome Interclub – stay tuned for more details.