Sunday Outing Report – Melbourne University Campus, Parkville

After a few alterations to the start time due to the weather and being ousted the week previous by Hilary Clinton, we finally managed a trip to the Melbourne Uni Campus today. Ignoring the late start because of the weather, Dave Sumner and Leif Anderson met up at the original meet time and were rewarded with some of the best photography light seen this year, isn’t that just Melbourne weather for you? We walked around the campus finding perfectly lit buildings and superb old staircases etc which we couldn’t shoot quick enough. A quick coffee and cake saw 12.30 approaching fast so we headed back to the meeting point to wait for the others. 1.30 arrived and the numbers had swollen and we again set off into the campus looking for the perfect shots. Unfortunately for the late comers, the light had gone really flat and it looked like it might rain. Besides this we all took quite a few images and a lot of camera knowledge was banded about and it seemed that everyone was using or at least trying to use, HDR. John couldn’t remember where to set it on his camera whilst Alan didn’t know he had HDR and Diana didn’t have HDR thanks to Nikon (got that one in) and last of all poor old Andy couldn’t get his camera off 1/3rd stop difference between the exposures. Both Andy and I tried to find the setting but we couldn’t increase the difference which Andy has since mastered after reading the manual. At one point we were almost inundated with wedding parties all coming for the their photographs taking. When one party were coming towards us I really did think that they’d seen that we had that A Grader, Rosie with us and were coming for some advice on photography. We were all pleased when they went off to use the area that we had already shot earlier.

All in all it was a good day but I think that both Leif and I had the best light although I hope to see others efforts at the workshop night.

I’m looking forward to the next Sunday Outing as I hope you all are.

Dave Sumner  


Above photos by Dave Sumner

Photo by Andy Armitage