Workshop Evening – Tuesday 15th Feb 2011

Coming up this Tuesday at Wadham House:

A presentation by the good people at

Nulab/PicPress/Creative PhotoWorkshops.

They are Australia’s premiere professional photographic laboratory, they
supply print, workflow and business solutions to the professional
photographic industry throughout Oceania and the world.
They offer a wide range of products and professional services.
On the night they will provide an interactive slideshow presentation
with displays of the products they offer. They will have information that
they can hand out to members. This hand out will include examples of
their printing capabilities, booklets, and each member who attends on
the night will receive a $25 credit towards Nulab!

On top of this Nulab is in a partnership with Creative Photo Workshops
who are Australia’s leading photographic tutoring company. CPW will give
a presentation on a certain aspect of photography, whether that be
portraiture, flash photography or wedding photography. At the time of
writing I haven’t been informed of what the topic is. They have found
that this combination has been very beneficial for club members, with
each member taking away something from the nights presentation.

Recently the team at Nulab, Picpress and Creative Photo Workshops
have given presentations at-
�         Geelong Camera Club
�         Frankston Photographic Club
�         Southern Suburbs Camera Club
�         Mornington Peninsula Camera Club

With all of these clubs thoroughly enjoying the presentation, they
have asked to return later this year.

Here’s a little more info on the workshop night coming up this Tuesday.
Not only will Nathan Muller be presenting but you will also be regaled by Shelton Muller.
For those who haven’t heard of Shelton Muller yet try googling him and see how many hundreds of pages come up.
I am very sorry that I won’t be there to see it, I will be at Pakenham Camera Club that night, so I want you all to go and then let me know what you think.
We may be able to get them back in November if we are lucky.


Pete Davies