Workshop Night – Tuesday 15th March 2011

Hi All,
there’s is a Composition workshop coming up this tuesday night which will begin at 7:30pm.
The venue is Wadham House, 52 Wadham Pde, Mt Waverley and we will be downstairs.
Composition is the art of framing an image and is quite easy to learn, you don’t need any technical know how whatsoever
and as such is the quickest way to start improving your photography.
If you have any images which don’t look as good as you were hoping they would it may be that the composition could be improved.
If that’s the case then bring your images along tomorrow night on a usb memory stick and we will see what can be done.

This exercise is open to all but could be especially handy for those of us just returned from the weekend’s trip to Aireys Inlet.
Chances are that some of the locations you photographed were also snapped by someone else and that the two sets of images will be very different
from each other. It will be interesting to discuss why one way works better than another or just to see if the audience is evenly split about their favourite compositions.

The first part of the evening will be taken up with a chat on the psychological aspects of how/why/what we see so if you’re thinking “oh I’ve read/heard all about composition before”
then make sure you get there on time because I doubt you will have.