Workshop Night – Tuesday 17th May 2011

The workshop this coming Tuesday is supposed to be about how to matt and frame your prints.

I haven’t done anything to organise such a thing yet so what I thought we could do is hold a general discussion night.

If someone would demonstrate how to frame prints that would be very, very welcome but in case no-one does what I thought we could do is answer any questions you might have. We have a vast wealth of experience in our membership at the club and if you want to know anything at all I’m sure that you could get several answers from others.
For example, you might want to know what your next lens purchase should be or you might be having trouble with editing.

You may want to bring some images in for discussion, whether to show off or to get some critical feedback on.

I know that this is just the type of thing you all discuss when you get together at club outings and so forth so lets make a night of it on Tuesday.

Cheers, Pete.