June workshop: Sound triggered flash

Next Tuesday, 21 June 2011 is a sound triggered flash workshop and if you attended either of the last two you’ll know what they’re about.

If you haven’t then some explaining might be in order. A sound trigger will fire the flash when there’s enough sound to activate it. In the past we have popped balloons, smashed light bulbs and even blown up an apple. Because the trigger can react faster than any human being, and the duration of the flash is so short, we are able to capture the moment fairly easily.

If this sounds like fun and I can assure you it is you will need to bring your CAMERA and a TRIPOD. A longish lens is probably best so that we can get as many people shooting as possible. You should also bring something to shoot, please don’t rely on the same three or four people who always bring things because I have no idea whether they are going to turn up or not.

Some snooping around in Google will give you an idea of the kinds of things we are after, but please NO GUNS.

See you then,