Sunday Outing – Gulf Station Closed

The outing scheduled for this Sunday was supposed to be to Gulf Station but it is still closed for renovations so we have had to come up with another plan. Given that it’s short notice and the forecast is for rain I thought we’d stay close to home. It’s possible there could be some fog around with the way the forecast is at the moment.

If you feel like doing some shooting on Sunday morning be at the cafe at the Springvale Botanical Cemetery at 9:15am. The gates are open at 9:00am. Most roads seem to lead to the cafe so it should be easy to find if you’re not familiar with it’s location.

In case you were wondering photography is allowed as long as we are respectful of mourners. Because there is so much in the grounds you might like to do a recce before Sunday to scout out some locations.

Bigger More Detailed Map