Workshop Night Monochrome – Tuesday 19th July 2011

To those who didn’t attend the Monochrome workshop last night, you missed a very good session led by Pete which studied what makes an image a good B&W or monochrome. We studied 100 of the best B&W/Monochrome images before going into the different ways used to convert images from the ins and outs of B&W in camera to the many methods of PhotoShop. Pete treated us to some demonstrations with the assistance of Warren’s Photoshop Group members who had been working on this very subject the night before. We were able to compare several different methods, their advantages and disadvantages as well as visually compare the results. Anyone who simply desaturates an image to make it B&W should have been there to see why this isn’t the ideal method.

We also touched on creating monotone, duotone, tritone and quadtone images, where we would possibly use these and how the results differ.

Here is the link that Pete provided us with giving us the various methods of converting to B&W or monochrome and their pro’s and con’s Black and White Digital