Sunday Outing to Marysville – 7th August 2011

Hi All.

As mentioned at our meeting last night our monthly outing is to Marysville and it is this coming Sunday ( 7th August)

I’m reliably told it is 86Kms from Wadham House so you can make your own distance and time to travel calculations from your own abode. Of more importance however is that Vicki Moritz is going to meet us outside the new Marysville supermarket and act as our guide. From what I can glean from the lovely Vicki she has all the good photo shoot spots already soughted for us.

We meet near the supermarket entrance or foyer between 9;30 and 10AM. From memory the supermarket is on the left just before the river (creek). People have suggested its a 90 minute drive but I suspect by the time you wind through the hills it may be closer to 2 hours.

Ian Hansen