Workshop Night – Tuesday 20th March

We apolgise profusely but the members exhibition planned for the workshop night has had to be put back to later in the year so instead we have organised something to replace it. Therefore, Next Tuesday workshop is now a Members (and guests) Critique Night. So drop some of your images onto a USB memory stick, a portable Hard disk or even on a CD and bring them along with you. You would be aware that the WCC is fortunate to have very experienced judges and photographers as members of our club.  To this end-:

Pete Davies, Ron Weatherhed, Tuck Leong and Dave Sumner will be leading the critique of our images. We are also looking to make some real time adjustments to images to reflect our critique leaders suggestions. This is a members critique night, not a comp night so the emphasis is dialogue between you and our four leaders, not monologue. Please keep in mind we do have time restrictions and may not get to critique all members images.

At some time we all make the same mistakes, so on Tuesday it’s all about learning from our critique leaders.

Visitors, guests and potential new members are more than welcome to attend both workshop and competition nights, please make yourself known to our membership secretary, Jenny or any other committee members. Please see here for guidelines regarding visiting the club.