Labour Day Weekend 2012 – I Got Inspired

Although the time has passed by so quickly or because it takes me awhile to do things, the club did have a weekend away at Lakes Entrance over the Labour Day weekend.

Fourteen of us ventured up to the beautiful Lakes area.  Some of us stayed at the Sandbar Motel and some of us camped a few doors down the road.

With all the rain in the region, there were  a lot of full flowing rivers  and areas still under water. Unfortunately, the weather decided not to co operate with photographers.  The amazing sunrise and sunset shots that were going to be taken and win the monthly competition never eventuated. This meant  however, that some people slept in. But not all of us – there was always that wishful thinking that just maybe  the skies would clear.  Up before dawn, we still enjoyed walks along the waterway and the beach, before heading off to a café for brekky or in my case jumbo cappuccino.

Thanks to Pete, Ron and Stewart’s knowledge of the area and maps, our days were beautifully planned.  We would all meet up around 10.00 and head off on our adventure and hopefully, a photographic masterpiece.

Saturday was Metung (so lovely), lunch in the park, local market, amazing river silts, Paynesville. Raymond Island. We even saw owls and there were swans, parrots and koala bears and lots of water.  Glass of wine or a beer  before a pizza tea in the park. Water water everywhere.- love it.

Sunday saw some amazing old trestle bridges. There were also some trail bike riders who like the  skies did not co operate with photographers. Lunch was in the park at Orbost next to the mighty Snowy River. The road to Marlo was closed due to flooding, so it was the long way to Cape Conran.  Lovely scenery but not lovely light. Stopped off at a beach hidden off the road and tried to capture some surfers but light pretty awful. People then headed back to Lakes Entrance. But not all – Bev, Ross and I decided to see Marlo, where the Snowy heads out to sea. Lots of pelicans which was really exciting. There was also the slightest of clearings in the sky, so it was off to the Marlo pub for tea and then off to capture a sunset that didn’t really happen.

Monday was another early  walk before the big brekky. Then it was time to pack up and head back to Melbourne. I thought it was a great weekend (apart from uncooperative skies). It was a lot of fun with great company in a beautiful part of the world.