Coming Up on Tuesday Night – Framing Matting and Backing Workshop

Amendment Notice – Please note the amendment to the Vice President’s email regarding this workshop night, we will be matting and not mating the prints, sorry.    🙂

This time, at great expence to the management, your Committee is putting together a Framing Matting and Backing Workshop on Tuesday the 19 of June. Fred Bullock, Stephen Edmonds, Dave Sumner, John Hadfield and a couple of others have very kindly offered their time to do this thing and they will also briing along their tools – they will even let you use them for the evening.

What should you bring? 
Bring a PRINT, one that you would like to mat all by yourself;
bring some matting material; Abacus Art in Warrigul Road will be able to help you with this, tell them that you are a member of the Waverley Camera Club,  they are used to Rosie and I coming in from time to time and I know that sometimes they like to give away the scrap bits which are quite useful to practice with and bring along some enthusiasm; there is nothing worse than to see that “…do I have to?” look on the faces of workshop participants. The folk helping you are experts in the area and are really willing to help.

What are we doing – Framing Matting and Backing Workshop
Why are we doing this – So that you can mount and display your own prints
When are we doing this – Tuesday 19th
What time are we doing this- 7.30 pm should be early enough
Where are we doing this – Wadham House, Wadham Pde, Off Miller Crescent, Mt Waverley

Andy Armitage
WCC Vice President