Sunday Outing to Coolart – An Unofficial Visit by Brian Bethune & Some Images From John Ho

…here is my report on the un-official visit to Coolart.

Was it gray and overcast, yes.
Was it windy, yes.
Was it cold, yes.
Was it raining, no, at least not when I went on the walk.

There is an excellent 3.5 Km  walk through coastal bushland with groves of Coast Banksia, banksia integrifolia, Manna Gums, eucalyptus viminalis, Drooping She Oak allocasuarina verticillata with Coast Wattles, Silver Banksias and Melaleuca stands. There is also much wetland both on this walk and another walk around the observatory wetlands and there is also access to the beach.

The Mansion itself seemed rather forlorn it was largely empty and very cold inside. It had a very un-lived in feel to it, I wondered why they don’t use it for some Parks business? There are however a large number of old photographs taken around the mansion of people and farm activities.

Photo opportunities were almost nonexistent due flat grey light and drizzle and some rain.

Verdict, go again when the weather is more promising.



John Ho also went to Coolart, here are his images HERE