Workshop Night Review – Tuesday 18th Sep 2012

Hi All,

I was once asked how I evaluate the worth of workshops, the answer is I dont evaluate. Generally the presenter does so I guess what the asker was really asking was it worth the money, effort and time not to mention the major take away “do the participants actually use the information”? Well from time to time I get little notes like this one …

 A good night tonight Andy. I was writing madly. Stuart was helpful. What a whizz with P/S… But we could still understand what he was saying.

…and you know what chaps? Notes like this one make everything seem worthwhile. Yes, the time and effort I spend and indeed the time and effort the presenters spend. Next year I hope we will have many more workshops and the only one evaluating them will be you. All it takes is for Members like this one and you to actually be there. There were 30 of you in the room last night including some who were spending their first time with WCC. They asked when they could come again, and seemed surprised when I told them there was something on every Tuesday. How good is that! We have one more workshop event and that is the Photojournalist Judging nite on the 20th of November – but remember you will get nothing out of it unless you make some images, about 5-6 will do. Put them on a stick and bring them along, have them critiqued by an EXPERT.


Andy Armitage

WCC Vice President