Sunday Outing 7th July – Mornington Peninsula

As you know, the July Sunday outing was destined to be a ‘trip to the Snow’ but a visit to Mt Donna Buang last weekend revealed that was no snow at all. We have since discovered that the Victoria ‘Snow Watch’ website doesn’t start reporting snowfall until the 24th June. Therefore, we have decided that there would be more chance of snow in August and we are switching around the Mornington Peninsula outing with the snow trip.

So, Sunday 7th July 2013 will be a trip to the Mornington Peninsula and after exhaustive talks between the President and the Secretary we have decided to make a day of it. So, as members you have a choice as follows:

Option One: Meet at 06.30 prompt at the Cape Shanck car park for a walk down to Pulpit Rock for the 7.37 sunrise. Then back to the cars and on to Flinders to meet up again at 10.30 for brunch followed by some jetty and rocks photography on the shoreline. Then between 1.30 – 2.30pm we will move to the bay side of the peninsula and possibly visit Arthur’s Seat and Sea Winds Gardens for a sunset shoot at 5.13pm

Option Two: Same as option one but missing out the sunrise shoot and meeting at 10.30 at Flinders in the car park near the Art Gallery (see image).

***NOTE*** Just to clarify, the two options are not a vote to choose one or the other, they will both be happening and you can choose which you wish to attend. Option 1 is for the real die hard photographers amongst us and Option 2 is for the part time happy snappers.

Hope to see you there

Dave Sumner
WCC Secretary