Know B&W Interclub Results – 24th July 2013

We had a great turn out at the Knox Interclub again almost outnumbering the host club. We waited with anticipation as the slideshows of images from 8 clubs that had been judged by Duane Eakes from Ivanhoe slowly churned away in alphabetical order, our only saving grace being that Williamstown were after us. Novice prints were through and the HC’s and place getters were announced and with 15 points and first place ‘Wiseman’ by Rosie Armitage, we were ecstatic and so pleased for Rosie. The Open prints churned away next and again there were some exceptional images but this time a Highly Recommended for Vicki Moritz with ‘A Quick Look Back’ and then in second place ‘Pull Up’ by Dave Sumner.

Next were the EDI images and the novice section with Highly Commended for Craig Francisco for ‘Peek-a-Boo’ and followed by the Open EDI with another Highly Commended for Alan Scott with ‘Mangrove Trees’.

A great night was had by all and some great networking was done and thank you very much to all that came and supported the club. Full scores of all of our images can be found online in our gallery HERE

The overall results were as follows:

Club Name, Novice Prints, Open Prints, Novice EDI, Open EDI

Camberwell 51 53 55 64
Knox 55 58 56 53
Maroondah N/A 45 N/A 48
Mornington 54 50 50 48
Ringwood N/A 53 N/A N/A
Rosanna 51 51 49 50
Waverley 54 57 51 50
Williamstown 53 54 54 49

Thanks to Knox for inviting us to enter the competition. A big thanks goes to Vicki, Tuck, Paul and myself for being the board that chose the images with a very special thank you to Donna who not only helped choose the images but did all of the collecting and collating of images. Also thanks again to all who participated and came along on the night.

Dave Sumner
WCC Secretary