Sunday outing to Ballarat and Dog Rocks

The Sunday outing rapidly approaches yet again, this time it’s a trip to Ballarat for the Ballarat Foto Biennale. There are loads and loads of exhibitions happening in Ballarat and the surrounding area for the next three weeks and it’s always worth the trip.

Meet at 9am at the corner of Sturt St and Dawson St South directly across from the church. The plan is to see as much as possible on the day. It is impossible to see everything so visiting the website and planning your day would be a good move.

For those interested in making a detour on the way home the sunset at Dog Rocks near Geelong could be very worthwhile.

To get to Dog Rocks take the Midland Hwy and head towards Geelong.
Near Batesford turn right onto Dog Rocks Rd, you can also turn on to Blackall Rd which becomes Dog Rocks Rd. Then you will see the granite outcrops on your right on top of the rise.

You can park off the side of the road adjacent to the rocks. Single wire farm fence, walk of 10-500 metres depending on which bits you go to. The familiar tree and nearby rocks are barely 10 metres from the road.