23rd Eastern Interclub Results

The 23rd Eastern Interclub commenced at 8pm to a packed room and Waverley certainly did not disgrace itself with members attending. The slideshow commenced and we all sat waiting with anticipation looking on at the usual mix of camera club images. One of the problems of being in a club that starts with W is that we usually have to wait until the end to see our images and tonight was no exception only being tipped to last by Yarra Ranges. As usual we did very well, the Judge Lin Richards showing his usual professionalism in picking the best images and we didn’t have to wait long to get results 1st place (Vicki Moritz), 2nd place (Ron Weatherhead) and a merit (Rosie Hughes) in the small prints followed by a merit in the large prints (Rosie Hughes) and two merits (Cuc Chong and Dave Sumner) and a 1st place (Richard Dabbous) in EDI.

Points for each image entered by WCC can be found in the gallery HERE

Well done everyone and once again a big huge massive thanks to Donna Clarke for doing all the work in getting this together.

The overall results were as follows: