4-Club Interclub Night – Results

If you were at the club last night for the 4-Club competition then you will know that we were treated to an exceptional 4-Club night only marred by the lack of WCC members in attendance. That said, the room was still pretty much full and once Paul’s AV started showing the colour and Monochrome prints, mouths were open and the silence was amazing and this was carried through into the EDI section . Considering that this was Paul’s first night in front of the club as President, he did exceptionally well and I can only add that this was by far the best 4-Club event I have been to.

Well done to our individual winners, Felix, Alan and Rosie and to all our entrants for the overall club scores.

I know we thanked people on the night however, I would just like to say another huge ‘thank you’ on behalf of the members to Paul and Donna for their tireless hard work in organising the event and making it the huge success that it was. I really don’t think that people realise how much work goes into getting these things off the ground never mind making them a success. I would also like to thank the members who brought a plate of food, the spread was excellent as always and it is largely due to those tireless partners who come along at every event and support the club. Special thanks must go to Mrs Mallet and Mrs Armitage who without being asked spent most of the evening helping in the kitchen and organising the food.

Thanks again if you attended last night and if you didn’t, you missed another great WCC event the results of which are below:

Colour Prints
1st Rhythm – Felix Schparberg (WCC)
2nd Castelluccio – Robert Morgan (ESPS)
3rd Une Belle Femme en Rouge – David Norris (BVCC)

Monochrome Prints
1st Swedish Royal Palace – Peter Feeney (MPS)
2nd Mangrove Trees – Alan Scott (WCC)
3rd Modele Nu – Callum Brown (BVCC)

Electronic Displayed Images
1st St Kilda Dreams – Gary Leete (MPS)
2nd Blanket Bay – David Edwards (ESPS)
3rd Sunrise Over Rhyll – Rosie Hughes (WCC)

Best Overall Image
St Kilda Dreams – Gary Leete (MPS)

Club Awards – (total of the scores of club’s entries)
Colour Prints – 1st WaverleyCC 67 pts
Monochrome Prints – 1st MaroondahPS 58.5 pts
Electronic Images – 1st Eastern SuburbsPS 65pts

Overall Club Aggregate
BerwickVF – 169.5 pts
Eastern SuburbsPS – 175 pts
MaroondahPS – 175 pts
WaverleyCC – 189 pts

Dave Sumner