4 – Club Interclub Competition – 14th April 2014

The 4-Club Competition will be held at Berwick Viewfinders Club Rooms, details are below. For new members and those of you who don’t know what 4 – Club is then please read on.

Bi-annually, Waverley CC takes part in a photography competition between four local (ish) camera clubs called ‘4-Club’ and every second year we host this event. You may or may not know that WCC has a small sub committee that selects members images to represent WCC in this competition and we have  gallery of selected images HERE

The sub-committee tries very hard to vary the entries selected to be from different members and we are always happy when someone new has their image chosen. We try to select images that are fairly recent and definitely one’s that we think will do well in competition. You might think that a club monthly winner is automatically chosen to represent us at this competition but this isn’t always the case. Once an image has been chosen and entered into 4-Club it cannot be re-submitted a second time.

With regards to the competition night, this varies from club to club however, the basic concept is the same. ANYONE who is a club member can attend and you will get to see a competition similar to our own monthly event. The difference here is that we get to see what other clubs are doing and how we stand up against their images. Please don’t think that if you go along that you will be there on your own in a room full of strangers because WCC always has a good following at these events. Afterwards there is opportunity to see the images up close, supper is usually provided and you can get to meet some other photographers from other clubs if you wish.

So come along and see how it all works, details for the event are as follows:

Date – 14th April 2014

Time – 7.30pm

Berwick Fields Primary School
35 Gwendoline Dr

Map –