VAPS Interclub Results – Geelong 2014

Not many Waverley members attended the convention this year, I hadn’t heard of anyone who was attending either the lectures or the dinner. However, there is still the matter of the interclub results and we have done exceedingly well again. I’ll break down the results into and individual and team scores. I must again say a very big thank you to the image selection team and the hard working coordinator, Donna Clark. Donna runs around coordinating the selections, picking up the images and ensuring that they get to VAPS on time. All of this in her own time and at her own expense, the results you see here are largely because of Donna’s relentless efforts.

First we have the results from the Audio Visual entries, then the prints and Electronic Images.

You can assume that because of the manner in which the images are judged, they were picked in the first instance on their initial impact and then with greater scrutiny once they had made some sort of grade. Only images receiving 15, 14 or 13points normally go on to be scrutinised further. This makes this competition a little harder than other interclub competitions because not only do the images need to have initial impact, they have to be able to stand up against close scrutiny also.

Here are the results:

Audio Visual
Open 3.21
Geraghty Hill     44Pts (one point from the first merit)

Open Full
Floating in the Air     35Pts

Overall Club Scores
Prints 116Pts and equal 7th place out of 47 clubs
Highest scoring club Frankston with 125Pts
Lowest Scoring Club Bellarine with 62Pts

EDI 115Pts and equal 3rd place out of 46 clubs
Highest scoring club Southern Suburbs with 128Pts
Lowest scoring club Bellarine with 57Pts

Craig Francisco – St Pauls Beach Sunset 11pts
Anthony Yap – Long Jetty 10Pts
Craig Francisco – North Wharf Sunset 11Pts
Paul Spence – Walkerville South 13Pts
Anthony Yap – JOSHUA 10Pts
Dave Sumner – Malu 13Pts (Merit)
Vicki Moritz – St-Clair-Jetty-Dunedin-mono 13Pts
Felix Shparberg – Rhythm 12Pts
Cuc Chong – Lake Entrance 10Pts
Rosie Hughes – TRAIN ON BRIDGE 12Pts
Vicki Moritz – Beach-morning 9Pts
Paul Spence – Vietnam Smoko 10Pts
Dave Sumner – Pull Up 9Pts
Lenore Pedrina – The Webb at Sunset 10Pts

Richard Dabbous – BALI LADY 11Pts
Craig Francisco – I Can See You 9Pts
Dave Sumner – What a Poser 11Pts
Rosie Hughes – SUNRISE OVER RHYLL 12Pts
Richard Dabbous – SHOULD WE 12Pts
Vicki Mortiz – Kerford-Rd-Pier 13Pts
Pete Davies – Cerberus 2 10Pts
Rosie Hughes – APPROACHING STORM 12Pts
Cuc Chong – ALL FOR LOVES 11Pts
Dave Sumner – Up Early 12Pts
Alan Scott – Mangrove Trees 8Pts
Pete Davies – Carcass 10Pts
Fred Seeber – Parachuting Seeds 9Pts
John Hadfield – Under Observation 9Pts
Elizabeth Crellin – The Esplanade St.Kilda 11Pts

Dave Sumner’s Malu and Vicki Moritz’s St-Clair-Jetty-Dunedin-mono have been chosen to go on to the Australian Interstate Photographic Competition

Thanks again everyone for their outstanding images and even more outstanding hard work. 5 years ago we didn’t even enter any images into the VAPS Interclub and now were scoring high and doing well. Keep it up for 2015 and we can be the TOP club for 2015.


Dave Sumner