Fantastic 4-Club Results – April 2015

After a nail biting wait the 4-Club judging night finally arrived at Eastern Suburbs new club rooms at Ringwood North. The night was quieter than usual with the failure of Berwick to submit any images and subsequently none of their members attending. It was also a little disappointing to see only 6 Waverley members and 2 partners representing our club. However, after what was a slightly shaky start with their new projector and it being only their third meeting at the room, we got into what was to turn out to be a great night for Waverley. The mono prints were the first to receive the judges treatment followed closely by colour prints and the EDI. Before I publish the full results, I would like to congratulate several people on their results, please note that the scores are out of 15, as follows:

Cuc Chong – The Horn – 15 Pts and 1st Place
Marie Shaw – Surfer Girl 14 Pts
Diane Willis – Size Prevailed – 13Pts

Colour Prints
Stuart Barrie – Marty’s Hot Rod – 15Pts and 1st Place

Mono Prints
Vicki Moritz – Eildon Morning Mono – 14Pts

The overall results were as follows:
Eastern Suburbs 74Pts
Maroondah 76Pts
Waverley 78Pts

Colour Print
Eastern Suburbs 76Pts
Maroondah 69Pts
Waverley 75Pts

Mono Prints
Eastern Suburbs 70Pts
Maroondah 71Pts
Waverley 73Pts

Well done to all of the competitors especially to our participants and place getters. The gallery with all of the entries and points results can be seen HERE