Portraiture during twilight workshop

I hope you are all well, and ready to participate in another great workshop, which is to be run by Andrew Esposito, who in 2018 won the prestigious AIPP title Victorian Professional Wedding Photographer of Year and is a respected Judge for photographic competitions within AIPP National and State awards.

This workshop will be on the beach, using continuous light to light up the model, getting a portraiture during twilight.

Date: Tuesday 21st February 2023
Location: Lagoon Pier, Port Melbourne
Time: 7.15pm

What to bring:

  • Tripod
  • Wide Angle lens (for a creative shot)
  • Other lenses you have, telephotos not recommended
  • If you have your own set of continuous lights, can you also bring them

If you will be attending, can you please to the email sent to the members list. Hope to see you there.