Portfolio projects for 2023

It’s time to get our portfolio projects for 2023 underway.

You will have received an email earlier this year outlining some of the changes to the portfolio rules, to allow more images, more creativity and more fun.

Our first meeting will be on Thursday 27th April 2023, from 7:30pm in the craft room at Mount Waverley Community Centre (the usual place we meet). This will be face-to-face, and there will be a reminder in the weekly Waverley Watson.

At this meeting I will cover:
1. a quick review of the 2022 portfolios with some feedback and general comments
2. an overview of how the portfolio projects will be run this year with an overview of the new rules
3. a quick overview of how you might approach your portfolio

I hope you have all started to think about your theme, and we will give some time to share what you are planning. Remember, the aim is to get support, ideas and directions from others. This is not a competition so as much as we can share, the stronger your portfolio will be.

ALL members are welcome, of all levels of photographic ability. Even if you are just curious, come along and get excited.