Gear Night – 20th February 2024

Our next workshop night, on Tuesday 20th February 2024, has been designated a “Gear Night”.

For those of you unfamiliar with this concept (the last one was possibly before COVID), this night is where we focus on improving our familiarity with our camera equipment. But that’s not all, we also use this as an opportunity to swap/buy/sell gear amongst members – I’ll come back to this shortly.

Gear Discussion Groups

For the main part of the evening we will divide up into groups (tables) according to the make/vendor of our gear. Each table will have a designated member who owns the same brand of camera as the others on the table and will help lead the discussion.

To kick things off, there will be some prepared tasks that we will ask everyone to do – I hope this will inject a bit of fun into the exercise. More importantly, I hope this will get the conversation started at each table, and after those 6 tasks, each table can take the conversation forward according to the needs/wishes of the group.

Swap/Buy/Sell Gear

At some point in the evening, we’ll move over to the swap/sell/buy activity. If the gear involved is unique to a brand (e.g. Olympus), such as a lens, then this part of the evening may well start off at the ‘brand’ table. We’ll also have a couple of tables set up for selling ‘generic’ gear, such as tripods etc.

Advertising Gear For Sale

As preparation for the swap/buy/sell segment, members are invited (or even encouraged) to post items for sale on the club members Facebook group, or via the members email group (especially if there are more expensive items, such as lenses, camera bodies, etc.). The FB group is the preferred mechanism for advertising gear as each email to all members needs to be vetted and ‘sent’ which creates work for our team, so please only use email if you are not on FB. You may wish to negotiate a deal offline and simply use the night as an opportunity to exchange the gear.

To be crystal clear, any goods/monies exchanged through this event is a matter between the members concerned only – the club will not be involved in any way, and does not offer any warranties around goods, equipment condition, and/or advice on price or good value. Any and all issues relating to goods, payments etc., is a matter for the members involved only, and caveat emptor is advised. The club is only providing the opportunity for members to get together to ‘swap’.

This is usually a fun evening, involving a high level of interaction between members with ‘like’ equipment. There is a good chance everyone will take away something, if only the realisation that you really need to spend more time getting to know your gear!

I hope you are looking forward to it. I know I am. See you there at the Mount Waverley Community Centre, starting at the usual time of 7:30pm.

4-Club Interclub 2023 results

Last night the 4 Club presentation night was hosted by Camberwell, with Camberwell, Caulfield, Maroondah & ourselves competing for honours. Nigel Beresford (from Warragul) was the judge. The other clubs were well represented in-person and the event was broadcast to 100 participants live.

I am pleased to advise everyone that Waverley came out on top again, and took home the 4 Club trophy!

We were very strong in both the EDI sections with several award-winning images, but it was the overall strength of all our entries which enabled us to take home the honours.

Congratulations to everyone whose images represented our club, with special recognition to the following award winners:

Colour EDI – WCC was 1st overall

Marlene Chaitra - Fruit Splash 1
Merit – Marlene Chaithra – Fruit Splash 1 – 17pts

Jill Shaw - Birds at sunset
3rd – Jill Shaw – Birds At Sunset – 18 pts

Rebecca Kashyap - Take A Seat
2nd – Rebecca Kashyap – Take A Seat – 19 pts

Mono EDI – WCC was 1st overall

Tim Keane - Despair
2nd – Tim Keane – Despair – 19pts


Ray Stabey - Arctic Walrus
Merit – Ray Stabey – Arctic Walrus – 17pts

Trace O'Rourke - Snow gums Bogong Plains Three
Merit – Trace O’Rourke – Snow Gums Bogong Plains Three – 17pts

All of our entries can be viewed in the 4-Club 2023 galleries.

New Committee for 2022/2023

Last night we held our AGM, prior to the workshop with Albert Tay. The minutes of the AGM, together with the President’s and Treasurer’s Reports, will be available in due course, but I did want to take this opportunity to provide a quick update around changes in the Committee.

The following people were elected to the positions stated below:

  • Ian Coombs, President
  • Russell Lucas, Vice President
  • Tim Keane, Secretary
  • Stephen Hilton, Treasurer

And as general committee members:

  • Vicki Moritz
  • Stephen Edmonds
  • Geoff Shaw
  • Elaine Whitton
  • Jennifer Sui
  • Colleen Singleton
  • Rebecca Kashyap

As you can see, I have stepped down as President after 3 years, but took up the supporting role to Ian Coombs, our new President. I’ll take this opportunity to congratulate Ian and welcome him into the role, and thank him for being prepared to take it on.

I said a lot of ‘thank you’s last night in my President Report, and I will not repeat them here – suffice it to say, we are lucky to have a great team, with considerable depth and experience, supporting our cub, and it great to see that largely retained.

I did want to call out our two retiring committee members, Paul Spence and Jen Fawkes. Paul has steered our Creative group from inception to where it is today over several years. Anyone who has been involved in that group would have to be impressed not only with Paul’s knowledge, skill and craft, but also his passion for this subject. He has put Waverley ‘on the map’ as far as creative photography endeavours are concerned. Jen has been the instigator of several great programs and initiatives at our club, and currently runs ‘Street Beat’, the Portfolio Group and the the clubs involved in the PSA Competitions. Jen also organised our weekend away this year, although was unable to attend due to COVID. Jen has worked really hard for us bringing us new and interesting initiatives that challenge us in different ways. We look forward to her continuing to lead some of these groups, albeit off the committee – serving as a great example that you do not have to be on the committee to help the club drive things forward. On behalf of the members and committee, I’d like to thank Jen and Paul for their service and contribution.

I’d also like to thank all of you, our members, for giving me the privilege of leadership over the last three years. Thank you for your friendship, and most importantly, thank you for your support. I am now looking forward to working with Ian and the team as we move forward.

Kind regards, Russell.

Knox Monochrome Interclub 2022 results

In what was a tough competition, with many very high calibre images, last night WCC came in 3rd overall behind Knox (2nd) and Rosana (1st) at the 2022 monochrome interclub run by the Knox Photographic Society

We had some award winners…

Julie Madders - THE MESSENGER
Third place EDI: Julie Madders – THE MESSENGER

Sim Chong - Hallway
Second place EDI: Sim Chong – Hallway

… and …

Trace O'Rourke - Path to where
First place print: Trace O’Rourke – Path to where

Well done to all involved, and congratulations to the award winners.

All of our entries can be viewed in the EDI and Print galleries.

Display at local government event

Monash City Council offered us the opportunity to setup a display for a Greater South Eastern Melbourne local government event held at the MWCC. We were proud to display a cross-section of our member’s images, mostly from our recent monthly competition.

Our colourful display attracted plenty of attention, and it’s always great to have the opportunity to represent our craft at the local government level. Thanks to Monash Council for the opportunity, and Vicki for her assistance with the setup and representation.

Portrait Photography with Craig Wetjen

On Tuesday March 15 we have our monthly workshop being held at the Mount Waverley Community Centre in the main hall commencing at 7:30PM. This month our guest will be Craig Wetjen presenting Portrait Photography.

You are right to be thinking that Craig’s name seems familiar to you – he was our judge for the club’s end of year competitions last year. Craig has over three decades of experience in the industry and has won countless awards. He has published his own book in the portrait genre, Men and Their Sheds, and has been involved in teaching at a tertiary level for many years. Craig is an enthusiastic and engaging presenter and we are thrilled that Craig is joining us again for this workshop.

You may note that our set subject for the club’s May competition (due for submission on April 5th) is “Portrait”, making this a very timely workshop and I am sure Craig will be providing plenty of valuable tips.

With regards to COVID-19, Monash Council have advised that masks are no longer mandatory in the Hall, although other restrictions are still in place:

  1. Attendees must be fully vaccinated to enter a community facility & provide proof to your group representative;
  2. attendees must check into the facility via the QR Code or register via the manual registration provided; and
  3. use hand sanitiser on entry & through your occupation of the facility.

We hope to see you there from 7:30PM tomorrow (March 15).

Visiting the Ballarat International Foto Biennale

WCC members (and a few partners) visited the Ballarat International Foto Biennale today.

Starting with a coffee briefing, we visited several exhibitions ranging from Steven Arnold’s “Notes from a Queer Mystic” to the highlight, “Linda McCartney: Retrospective”. Many of us also took the opportunity to photograph the textures and interiors of the historic buildings which house the exhibitions.

A great program and a terrific day. Many thanks to Vicki who organised the day with Fiona Sweet (Artistic Director), and Danielle Barth (from Spicers, Lead Partner of the Biennale).

Don’t forget to share photos… here are a limited few “rushes” from me…

10 Club Portrait Competition 2021 results

For those of you who missed the 10 Club Portrait Competition presentation event last Tuesday evening, and would like to view it at your leisure, the recording of the event is available on YouTube at CCC 10 Clubs Portrait Judging 24th Aug 2021

Please join me in congratulating Angela McLeod for her awarded image “Evil”, which gained an Honorable Mention in the Creative section. Well done, Angela!

Angela McLeod - Evil

And well done to all the makers of images the WCC submitted! Our club did well to come 4th. Contrary to what Ken Spence said on Tuesday night, our club did have to stick to the “100 Members” rule as we had 102 members on the deadline. This meant that we could not double up on makers and were forced to submit images from 25% of our membership. To come fourth against larger clubs was very well done!

Our entries and their scores can be viewed in our Camberwell Portrait 2021 galleries.

I also want to take the opportunity to thank Helen Warnod, who was our designated steward for this competition. This was a challenging comp to manage as there were a larger-than-normal set of rules to navigate, and Helen did a great job for us. So, thank you Helen, and the selection team, for a great job.

Reminder: Workshop & AGM Tonight

We have a couple of things happening tonight over Zoom.

First up, we have the club’s AGM commencing at 7:30PM. I appreciate this may not be everyone’s cup-of-tea, but it is an important event on the club calendar.

The AGM will be immediately followed by a workshop on post-processing software options led by Geoff Shaw, and ably assisted by John Noble on this occasion. This is the first part of a two-part series looking at alternatives to the usual Adobe suite of products (Bridge, Camera Raw, Photoshop, Lightroom etc.). The second part will be presented later in the year.

See you tonight.
Cheers, Russell.

COVID & WCC Activities

As we are all in lockdown for the next 7 days, it probably goes without saying, but all in-person WCC activities are now suspended until further notice.

Where practical and possible, club meetings, workshops etc. will be conducted via Zoom. This will commence with the June Competition Night next Tuesday, June 1st, at 7:30PM, on Zoom.

At our committee meeting tonight, we decided that while we will proceed with the judging of prints submitted this month (for June 1 judging), we intend to put these prints out for display at the July meeting (assuming we can meet in-person by then). There will be no print competition in July and you will not submit prints, or EDIs of same, by June 1 (for the July comp).

We are hoping that this will be a short interruption to our in-person activities and print comp. We will keep you informed via email, the website, and Facebook as we work through this together.

Please read our weekly WCC Watson Emails where we will confirm proceedings for the next week and whether they are via Zoom or in-person (if restrictions permit), as well as the details for each specific session.

Please stay safe and stay well.