Intentional Camera Movement – 19th March 2024

Unfortunately Roy Killen who was going to give an online workshop on Nature photography for us tomorrow night is not well.

I will now be giving a workshop planned for June in his place. It will be on Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) and will be held in the main hall of the Mount Waverley Community Centre, 7.30 start. And a reminder this is our set subject for the August competition

Please bring your camera, a zoom lens with a good range, something colourful to photography in an abstract sort of way and be prepared to
play! Tripods optional.

A Photographers Sketchbook Part 2 with Gillian Turner

Our next workshop will be with Dr Gillian Turner. This is an in person workshop, please bring your cameras!

When: Tuesday 21st November 2023, 7.30 pm
Where: Mt Waverley Community Centre, Craft room

Here is some information from Gillian Turner to assist with your thinking:

Focus: Finding Patterns and Textures

My presentation will engage with the following:

  • Use of terminology shared across all visual arts techniques
  • Composition – Meaning and use in making images
  • Brainstorming – how to gather ideas for set subjects
  • Using a notebook/journal as a tool in photography
  • Setting personal challenges for photography
  • Looking and seeing in new ways – making your mark
  • Different ways of making images

An important aspect of the evening will be time for general chats about what has been created in each section, a short brainstorming activity and follow up discussion

It will be helpful if members bring the following items:

  • A small notebook – plain paper if possible
  • A few images they feel respond to the topic patterns and/or textures – they will need to cut or mark these so bring only those you are happy to ‘destroy’! I will also bring a few so if people forget or don’t have any, that’s OK.
  • Camera and a strong torch or mobile with torch function
  • A sense of adventure!!

I will bring a box of interesting bits and pieces for people to play with.

In Focus: ‘Scapes exhibition opening

The opening of our exhibition went well tonight. So good to see all the prints on the wall looking so good.

If you didn’t make it tonight do drop by during the week. I expect we could also open the gallery for a short period next Tuesday night.

Great work everyone and special thanks to the hanging team and others who put to do various tasks. Too many to mention but special thanks to John Noble who did a lot of the mounts and many of the prints.

The displayed images can also be viewed in our Scapes Exhibition 2023 gallery.