February Competition night now via Zoom

The committee has been continuously monitoring the progress of the ongoing situation in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic, and in particular the potential risks to our members of returning to in person meetings. As such the committee has decided that we will not be returning to in person meetings until at least the beginning of March.

This means that the February Competition Night on Tuesday 1st February will be held via Zoom (link to be advised in the Watson on Sunday) and not at the Mount Waverley Community Centre as previously advertised.

In regard to prints, your EDI versions of entries for March will still need to be uploaded by midnight on 1st February, however the physical prints for March can be dropped off at the entrance to the MWCC between 6:30pm and 7:30pm the following night, Wednesday 2nd February. The February Print entries will also be available for pickup on the Wednesday at the Hall.

We hope you will understand the reasons for this late change, and apologise of any inconvenience it may cause.

End of Year Results 2021

End of year competitions

Judge: Craig Wetjen

Best Colour EDI

Tuck Leong - Dew on Damselfly

1st – Tuck Leong – Dew on Damselfly
2nd – Jill Anderson – Three Feathers
3rd – Trace O’Rourke – Bright Yellow Tree
HM – Sim Chong – Foggy morning
HM – Tim Keane – Volcanism

Best Monochrome EDI

Marlene Chaitra - Reeds

1st – Marlene Chaitra – Reeds
2nd – Geoff Shaw – Museum and sky
3rd – Helen Warnod – One mans treasure
HM – Angela McLeod – In the Spotlight
HM – John Morter – Tokyo Metropolitan Govt Building
HM – Jenny Sui – The Net Work

Best Creative EDI

Jill Anderson - Seaweed

1st – Jill Anderson – Seaweed
2nd – Helen Warnod – Doorknobs Malta
3rd – Felix Shparberg – Full Moon Myths
HM – Ross Eddington – Visiting an Old Friend

Aggregate awards

Set Subject EDI – Advanced

1st – Felix Shparberg – 19 points
2nd – Jill Shaw – 17 points
3rd – Geoff Shaw – 16 points

Set Subject EDI – Intermediate

1st – Daren Fawkes – 17 points
2nd – Michael Bucklow – 14 points
3rd – Kerry McFarlane – 14 points
Note: Michael had more highly commended awards than Kerry

Open EDI – Advanced

1st – Trace O’Rourke – 16 points
1st – Tuck Leong – 16 points
2nd – Sim Chong – 16 points
3rd – Helen Warnod – 15 points
Note: Trace and Tuck each had two section winner awards to Sim’s one.

Open EDI – Intermediate

1st – Kerry McFarlane – 17 points
2nd – Phillip Harris – 16 points
3rd – Alan Scott – 15 points

Creative EDI

1st – Geoff Shaw – 10 points
2nd – Felix Shparberg – 7 points

Top Scorer (across all sections and groups)

Felix Shparberg – 48 points

President’s trophy

Ross Eddington - Just the right amount of Crack Ms Bartel
Ross Eddington – Just the right amount of Crack Ms Bartel

Monthly competitions in 2022

February – Nature

Judge: David Burren
Entries due: Tuesday 11 January 2022
Judged: Tuesday 1 February 2022
Sections: Open print
Open EDI
Set subject EDI
Set subject definition: Nature photography records all branches of natural history except anthropology and archaeology. This includes all aspects of the physical world, both animate and inanimate, that have not been made or modified by humans.

Nature images must convey the truth of the scene that was photographed. A well-informed person should be able to identify the subject of the image and be satisfied that it has been presented honestly and that no unethical practices have been used to control the subject or capture the image. Images that directly or indirectly show any human activity that threatens the life or welfare of a living organism are not allowed.

The most important part of a Nature image is the nature story it tells. High technical standards are expected and the image must look natural. Adding a vignette or blurring the background during processing is not allowed.

Objects created by humans, and evidence of human activity, are allowed in Nature images only when they are a necessary part of the Nature story.

Photographs of human-created hybrid plants, cultivated plants, feral animals, domesticated animals, human-created hybrid animals and mounted or preserved zoological specimens are not allowed.

Images taken with subjects under controlled conditions, such as zoos, are allowed.

Controlling live subjects by chilling, anaesthetic or any other method of restricting natural movement for the purpose of a photograph is not allowed.

No modification that changes the truth of a Nature image is allowed. Images may be cropped but no other technique that removes, adds or moves any part of the image is allowed.

Techniques that remove elements added by the camera, such as dust spots, digital noise and lens flare are allowed.

Complete conversion of colour images to greyscale monochrome is allowed. Partial conversion, toning and infrared captures or conversions are not allowed.

Images of the same subject that are combined in-camera or with software by focus stacking or exposure blending are allowed. Multiple images with overlapping fields of view that are taken consecutively and combined in-camera or with software (image stitching) are allowed.

The above is the PSA Nature definition effective from January 1 2022.
See also the PSA Guide for Nature Photographers and Judges (PDF 1.7MB).

March – Architecture Detail (monochrome)

Judge: Tony Harding
Entries due: Tuesday 1 February 2022
Judged: Tuesday 1 March 2022
Sections: Monochrome open print
Monochrome open EDI
Monochrome set subject EDI
Set subject definition: Features a building or parts of – domes, doors, roofs, stairways, steeples, towers, verandas, and windows.

April – Street

Judge: Paul Robinson
Entries due: Tuesday 1 March 2022
Judged: Tuesday 5 April 2022
Sections: Open print
Open EDI
Set subject EDI
Creative EDI
Set subject definition: A non-formalized genre of photography that may feature people and/or objects in candid situations within public places such as streets, parks, beaches, malls, political conventions, and other associated settings.

Images can often be ironic or emotionally detached from subject matter, focusing instead on a particular context or detail.

Framing and timing are key aspects of the craft, with the aim of creating images at a decisive or poignant moment.

May – Portrait

Judge: Andrew Esposito
Entries due: Tuesday 5 April 2022
Judged: Tuesday 3 May 2022
Sections: Open print
Open EDI
Set subject EDI
Set subject definition: A portrait, in the broad sense, is a recognisable image of an individual person or group. The photograph must be taken from life (i.e. a physical, living person or group of people).

The subject of the portrait may be anyone. Group portraits and self-portraits will be accepted.

June – Night scenes

Judge: Heather Prince
Entries due: Tuesday 3 May 2022
Judged: Tuesday 7 June 2022
Sections: Open print
Open EDI
Set subject EDI
Creative EDI
Set subject definition: Any photograph taken outdoors between dusk and dawn.

July – Contre-Jour

Judge: Matt Irwin
Entries due: Tuesday 7 June 2022
Judged: Tuesday 5 July 2022
Sections: Open print
Open EDI
Set subject EDI
Set subject definition: Contre-jour (French for “against daylight”) is a photographic technique in which the camera is pointing directly toward a source of light.

Contre-jour produces backlighting of the subject. The effect usually hides details, causes a stronger contrast between light and dark, creates silhouettes and emphasizes lines and shapes.

August – Animals/Pets

Judge: Stella Loftus-Hills
Entries due: Tuesday 5 July 2022
Judged: Tuesday 2 August 2022
Sections: Open print
Open EDI
Set subject EDI
Creative EDI
Set subject definition: An image of living animals, birds or insects either confined or in their natural environment. Studio style images of animals are acceptable.

September – Railway study (monochrome)

Judge: Gary Smith
Entries due: Tuesday 2 August 2022
Judged: Tuesday 6 September 2022
Sections: Monochrome open print
Monochrome open EDI
Monochrome set subject EDI
Set subject definition: This is to include object or person that is easily recognizable as belonging to a railway.

October – Book or film title

Judge: Ricardo da Cunha
Entries due: Tuesday 6 September 2022
Judged: Tuesday 4 October 2022
Sections: Open print
Open EDI
Set subject EDI
Creative EDI
Set subject definition: Illustrating the title of a published book or commercially released film. The title of the image is to be the title of the book or film.

November – At the beach

Judge: Ian Rolfe
Entries due: Tuesday 4 October 2022
Judged: Tuesday 25 October 2022
Sections: Open print
Open EDI
Set subject EDI
Set subject definition: An image in which a view of the beach or surrounds predominates, including activities that occur at the beach.

December – End of year

Judge: Mandarine Montgomery and Christopher Ian
Entries due: Tuesday 25 October 2022
Judged: Tuesday 6 December 2022
Sections: Open print
Colour EDI
Monochrome EDI
Creative EDI
President’s trophy

End of year competition 2021

Entries for our end of year competition are due on Tuesday 2 November 2021. Of images entered throughout the year, members can select from those to enter the end of year competitions:

  • Two images for Colour EDI
  • Two images for Monochrome EDI
  • One image for Creative EDI

Due to the current circumstances we will not have a print end of year competition.

The entry must have been entered into a 2021 monthly competition and in the same format. Colour EDI and Monochrome EDI images were entered in the Open EDI and Set Subject EDI sections, Creative EDI images were entered in the Creative EDI section.

Entries are due on Tuesday 2 November 2021 through the Competition upload system. Instead of uploading images again you will be able to select from your previous entries as all entries submitted this year are in the system.

The subject for the President’s Trophy is “Just the right…” with your entry due on Wednesday 3 November 2021, this is to the uploaded via the competition upload system.

31st Eastern Interclub Competition results

At the recent 31st Eastern Interclub Competition run by Maroondah Photographic Society we came first overall and second in both sections. Particular congratulations for individual awards go to:

Jen Fawkes - Water Girl
Jen Fawkes – Water Girl – 1st Place B&W

Steve Hilton - Laughter is the best medicine
Steve Hilton – Laughter is the best medicine – 3rd Place Open

Jill Shaw - Eating icecreams
Jill Shaw – Eating icecreams – Merit Open

Sim Chong - The S Sofa
Sim Chong – The S Sofa – Merit B&W

Vicki Moritz - Lost habitat2
Vicki Moritz – Lost habitat2 – Merit B&W

Thanks also to the selection committee and others who organised our entries.

Our entries can be viewed in our Eastern Interclub 2021 galleries.

10 Club Portrait Competition 2021 results

For those of you who missed the 10 Club Portrait Competition presentation event last Tuesday evening, and would like to view it at your leisure, the recording of the event is available on YouTube at CCC 10 Clubs Portrait Judging 24th Aug 2021

Please join me in congratulating Angela McLeod for her awarded image “Evil”, which gained an Honorable Mention in the Creative section. Well done, Angela!

Angela McLeod - Evil

And well done to all the makers of images the WCC submitted! Our club did well to come 4th. Contrary to what Ken Spence said on Tuesday night, our club did have to stick to the “100 Members” rule as we had 102 members on the deadline. This meant that we could not double up on makers and were forced to submit images from 25% of our membership. To come fourth against larger clubs was very well done!

Our entries and their scores can be viewed in our Camberwell Portrait 2021 galleries.

I also want to take the opportunity to thank Helen Warnod, who was our designated steward for this competition. This was a challenging comp to manage as there were a larger-than-normal set of rules to navigate, and Helen did a great job for us. So, thank you Helen, and the selection team, for a great job.