April’s Winners – Water’s Edge (where water meets the land)

Water’s Edge, was judged by our own Tuck Leong, he said that “The entries for April’s competition were of a high standard; unfortunately quite a few did not comply with the Month’s set subject – Water’s Edge”. Below are a the four winners from each of the categories, congratulations to Ron, Ross, Vicki and Warren.

A Grade PrintRon Weatherhead ” Water’s Edge ”

Tuck said, the winning print is a colourful yet simple composition of waves against rocks and a ramp leading into the water. The image reveals craftsmanship in the taking of the photograph and in the making of the print. Ron added, I took this photograph near Cape Conran in Gippsland. When I saw that the club’s competition was to be “Water’s Edge”, I thought that this image fitted the bill. I liked the colour of the rocks and the sea, the pier leading into the deep added perspective.

B Grade PrintVicki Moritz ‘Lough Derg’

Tuck said, a lovely print was presented of a row of blue boats amongst the reeds. The overall tones are harmonious with the saturated colour of the boats drawing attention to their position along the water’s edge. Vicki added, Lough Derg is a large body of water in Ireland along the Shannon River near Portumna. This pretty much typified the week of summer weather we experienced- I don’t think the boats were launched that week! It was taken with Canon 40D with EFS 17-85 f4 lens, handheld.

A Grade EDIRoss Garner ‘Tree and Lake’

Tuck said, the warm directional light revealed the organic form of the overhanging limbs of a tree against dark rippling water. Whilst the water’s edge is not visible, it is implied by the tree limbs leaning across the water.

B Grade EDIWarren Knower ‘Reflection’

Tuck said, the top image consists of a monochrome image with delicate tonality. The over-hanging branches traced a filigree design and reinforced by the strong graphic lines of the rush from the bank. Warren added, the photograph was taken one afternoon on a dreary winter’s day in the Queen Victoria Gardens. I find the reflections fascinating and along with the reeds they tend to disorientate the viewer on which way is up.