Workshop Night Tuesday June 16th

The June 16 workshop will be a sound triggered flash and still life night.

In one room George Skarbek will set up his sound triggered flash rig and in the other we will attempt to do some table top photography. This means you have to bring some stuff with you on the night… Your camera and tripod for one.

For the sound triggered flash you can bring whatever you like that will make a noise to set the flash off. George is going to bring some balloons to pop with a dart. It wouldn’t hurt to have more balloons on hand so if you have some handy bring them with you. Other things that will work on the night could include breaking a light globe with a hammer, perhaps we could get in close and photograph a match being lit.

I am counting on you to come up with some more, interesting options. What about coating someone’s hands with flour and getting them to clap? There are endless possibilities so please bring any blown light globes you have lying around and anything else you want to have a go at. Please keep in mind that if you want to make a mess you will have to clean it up.
Because we will be smashing glass please bring your sunglasses or another type of eye protection with you. The last thing I want on the night is to have a piece of glass lodge itself in someones eye. It’s unlikely but best to be prepared. I will have a few pairs of safety goggles but not enough to go around.

In the other room we will attempt to do some table top photography. Dave Sumner is going to bring some older style cameras for us to take pictures of. You might have a bunch of flowers or a model train that you would like to shoot.


It doesn’t matter what it is this is really an exercise in composition and lighting. We also need you to bring some light sources with you. Any kind of light source will do be it a desk lamp or torch or whatever else you can think of. If it needs to be plugged in we will also need you to bring extension cords and powerboards. If you have these things and don’t bring them in then what’s going to happen if everyone else thinks the same as you?

This has all the makings of a really fun (and educational) night but it’s up to us – we’re only going to get out what we put in. See you there.