Submitting Images to WCC’s EDI Competitions

Here is a quick reminder that images submitted to the EDI competitions including the EDI versions of prints need to be resized to 1024 pixels wide x 768 pixels high.

The two dimensions are NOT interchangeable and any image that is above 768 pixels high after it has been resized is too big. The best solution is when resizing the images set the height to 768 first and then check the width dimension. If the width is now below 1024 pixels then you are okay but if the width is still over 1024 pixels then you then need to resize the width to 1024 pixels. As long as you have the ‘constrain proportions’ or ‘maintain aspect ratio’ enabled, then there will be no problem as the image will adjust itself accordingly and the height will be below 768 pixels.

I am creating a document to show you how to do this in Photoshop, Elements 7 and Light-room and this will be available on the Tech Help BLOG ASAP. There will also be a further session at the club meeting to help alleviate any problems that you may be having.