Help Needed – David Burton

David has asked me if I could put this plea for help onto the BLOG in the hope that someone can help him with a bit of Photoshop editing. If you think you think you can help, please contact David via this BLOG (make a comment) to find out how he wants them arranged.

A good friend of mine from Adelaide has asked me to complete the only full family photo he has.

The problem is it is missing the 4 people included in the other scans and he has set a challenge of having them (face or more) included in either one of the ‘group’ family photos.

This is well beyond my novice photoshop skills but I am really hoping one of our talented members might have a quick play around with it to get a semi-desirable result – it doesn’t have to be perfect.

In return for anyone willing to ‘give it a go’ I would be happy to owe a favour of equivalent time (or free use of any of my photo gear)

thanks, David.