Update – Perry’s Fall

I have spoken to Perry regarding his fall on Sunday and it is good news that not only is he okay but more importantly (just kidding) his lens has survived it’s meeting with the concrete in Degraves Street. Perry informed me that after removing the broken glass from his UV filter and then snipping the outer frame, he was successful in removing the filter and the only damage to the lens was to the threads where the filter screws on. The lens threads will still accept a filter so all is well.

This is one side of the filter / no filter argument that rarely gets discussed but in Perry’s case it has saved him a lot of money because it is fair to assume that if that filter hadn’t been there then it would have been his lens that he would have been throwing in the bin and as it was a $2,000 Canon L Series lens, that isn’t a cheap option. I’ll be keeping my filters on in future especially in Degraves Street.