Cycles & Echoes

The workshop scheduled for the 15th of September will no longer be a Photoshop night. Instead we have the distinct pleasure of a presentation from profressional photographer David Williams.

David Williams M.Photog. FRPS ALPE is a very well respected wedding photographer who is going to present a talk entitled “Cycles and Echoes”. This presentation formed the keynote speech to about 400 international members of the Digital Wedding Forum at their annual conference in Phoenix, Arizona, USA in January 2009. It is about the importance of our family portrait collection – the visual history that we all possess. What are the gaps in it, and why do they exist?

Using a collection of images from various Art Collections, David picks out the essential communications and lesson to us as photographers. He then blends this into a short AV presentation of his own family’s photographic collection followed by a discussion of how we relate to images and their true value – the ‘minds eye view’. David will discuss, illustrate and demonstrate:

  • The truth of front-lighting, and the minimalization of retouching
  • The art and acquisition of story-telling detail miniatures
  • Discovering and appreciating Style over Trends
  • Broadening your horizons through Art, Design and Graphics
  • The age of Superb pigment ink printing – a return to the true artisan.

Amongst working Wedding/Portrait professionals, David is one of the most respected and beloved lecturers of his time, and spends more than half of every year training already practicing professional photographers in the UK, USA, Canada and Asia. As such we are extremely lucky to have David come to WCC.

The meeting will be held in the craft room at Mt Waverley Community Centre on the 15th September 2009 which is where we held the 4 Club competition earlier in the year. The evening will commence at 7:30pm and I ask that you please bring a plate as we are expecting guests from the Royal Photographic Society.

Pete Davies, WCC President