Fancy Some Bird Photography?…

Hi all!  I have been researching the possibility of WCC heading off somewhere to do some bird watching/photographing and I have come up with the ‘numero uno’ spot.  At a number of now dry ‘wetlands’ I have asked where all the larger water birds are and been directed to the Werribee Sewerage Farm, now euphemistically called the Western Treatment Plant.

Here then are the details.

To enter the sewerage farm you will need a key and a permit.  The permit costs $20, is not transferable and may be used over a period of 2 years; the key costs $50 which is a refundable deposit, it must be returned within 2 weeks of the permit running out to get the deposit back.  There is a provision however for short term loan of keys;  short term loan keys may be collected at the time of arrival and returned at the time of departure but because someone is not always around, (I wonder why?), call 9742 2828 tell them when you are coming and a key will be left for you to pick up from a mutually convenient place. Needless to say returned to the same place when you depart.    Problem solved!  Each Bird Watching Permit is good for a car full of as many as 5 people.

Have a great time and don’t get your feet wet!!

Cheers Andy