8th Pakenham National – Results

This is a quick post to let you all know about the wonderful results that club members scored at the recent Pakenham National Photographic Exhibition. Among the entrants was Dave Sumner who received 5 acceptances, Stephen Edmonds who had 4 acceptances and Vicki Moritz with 1 acceptance.  However the rising star appears to be John Mallet who had a second place in the ‘Open Prints’ and a second place and an acceptance in the ‘Portraiture’ section which is a great result, well done John.

Rosie and I exhibited some of our photojournalistic efforts but were not successful, both of us scoring 11 points of a possible 15 and just one point off the acceptance mark.  Scoring an acceptance means that your image is good but not good enough to get a place and you are honoured by having your images shown in the exhibition.  The exhibition weekend is held on the 22nd & 23rd September at the Cardinia Cultural Centre, Lakeside Boulevard, Pakenham, Victoria 3810. 

Please check this Pakenham Camera Club Website link for details.


Andy Armitage
WCC Vice President


Sunday Outing to Agnes Falls – 5th August 2012

Hi All,

Your next outing is on Sunday the 5th of August.  The venue selected is Agnes Falls, on the South Gippsland Highway near Toora.  Rosie and I are not going, we are going to Vietnam instead so I cant tell you where we might meet you or anything else, unless you are also going to Vietnam. However, I am certain there are other experienced photographers who are keen to go and will be glad to give the new starters a hand, hint, good idea? … from time to time.  So, if any of you experienced photographers are going to Agnes Falls. Here is some info regarding the falls:

Hidden within the rolling green hills of the Strzelecki Ranges, the meandering Agnes River cascades over rocks into a deep picturesque gorge.
At 59 metres, Agnes Falls are the highest single span falls in Victoria.
Take a short stroll through the Blue Gum Forest to a viewing area overlooking the falls or relax and enjoy a picnic under the shade of tall blue gums on the grassy banks of the Agnes River.

Agnes Falls on the Web

I would suggest meeting at 10am in the Agnes Falls Car Park.


Location Map:

Warragul 40th National Photography Competition – WCC Results

I have just got the results of the 40th Warrigul National Photo Exhibition and in particular those of our own members.  These results reflect not only their own knowledge and skill with a camera and the way they manipulate the light through a lens, but when you go through the list of names you will realise they also show great willingness to share their skills with the rest of us. Clicking on a title may link you directly to the image.

John Mallett – 1860’s Craftsmanship – Open Colour Prints
John MallettDecisions Decisions – People/Portrait Prints

Vicki Moritz – Black Rock Sunset – Landscape/Seascape EDI’s
Vicki Moritz – Black Rock Sunset 2 – Landscape/Seascape Prints
Vicki Moritz – Around Point Lonsdale – Creative Prints

Stephen Edmonds – Nymphaea – Open Monochrome Prints
Stephen Edmonds – Remnant – Open Colour Prints

Dave SumnerAzure Kingfisher – Nature/Environment Prints
Dave SumnerScrub Wren – Nature/Environment Prints
Dave Sumner – Performance About to Commence – Nature/Environment Prints

Your success must surely be celebrated!

Andy (Vice President)

Knox B&W Competition – 25th July 2012

Waverley Camera Club is competing in the 2012 Knox B&W interclub competition against several other clubs. We have normal spattering of entries from the chosen few but this time we have a good few entries from newer members of the club. So come along and support our Club – a nice supper is normally provided.

When:  Wednesday 25th July 2012 at 7.45pm

Where: Boronia West Primary School, Tormore Road (Melway Map Ref. 64 J8) opposite Knox Swim Centre

Thanks go to all of the entrants for supplying their images and to Tuck Leong, Dave Sumner and Donna Clarke for choosing, collating and coordinating the entries. Image entries can been seen here


Andy Armitage
WCC Vice President

Workshop Night – 17th July Table Top Photography in House Judging and Critique

The Table Top Photography in-house judging will happen on the 17th of July at about 7.30pm downstairs at Wadham House, see THIS PAGE for locations if you are unsure of where to meet.

This is a follow on from the table top presentation we had in May and we are very lucky to once again have Mr Adrien Smith who was our guide through this interesting exercise as a judge for the evening.  No points will be allocated to this event, but Mr Smith will talk about  your efforts and hopefully by the end of the evening we will have a much better understanding of what Table Top photography is and how we can improve the quality of our own efforts. For the many web-surfers among you, why not look up a few web-sites and surprise our guest judge!

Please bring along your table top images on USB or CD so we can show them on the night.

Cheers Andy
WCC Vice President

Tuesday 3rd july 2012 – Is Competition Night

Our next monthly meeting and Competition Night is on Tuesday the 3rd of July, the judge this month is Mr Geoff Sherrington.  I dont know Geoff very well but I must admit when we spoke he came across as being very knowledgeable, very digi-savy and certainly an experienced judge.  I also asked him as we always do of our judges, to send me some stuff that I could use to introduce him.  This is what he sent:

… As for introductions, my wife Colleen and I were members of Camberwell, then a break, then Ivanhoe, then a break again. I’ve been working with APS Management Committee as chairman of the Plagiarism & Ethics sub-committee, but there are personality difficulties so I don’t stress that. I started working in digital photography with Landsat satellite tapes in the late 70s, making earth images from bits in my work in management of earth science projects with large corporations (now retired). The software that we and many others wrote found its way into image programs like PhotoShop and Corel PhotoPaint (I use the latter). Have been doing digital enhancement & manipulation on photos since 1993 or so. Have used high grade camera bodies and lenses, all 35 mm format film, and did not change to digital cameras until Dec last year. Also, I chair a photographic interest group at North Balwyn Probus Club, meeting monthly, and am a member of 3 on-line APS folios, also with monthly image swapping and informal judging. So, over 30 judging episodes a year, including past Nationals. Two main streams in photography. 1. To make images that cause emotion. 2. To work part way between photography and painted art, through image programmes.

That should be more than enough. …

Interesting isnt it?Cheers and Rosie and I will see you all on the 3rd of July at The Craft Room, Mt Waverley Community Centre, Miller Crescent, Mt Waverley. 7.30 for an 8pm start.

Andy Armitage

Sunday Outing 3rd June 12 – A Disappointing Turnout

I was a little disapointed that only 5 of us turned up at Churchill Island for the club Sunday outing.  But having said that I am not surprised, as soon as the rain started, last night, my expectations fell.  It was cold and wet but Donna, Brian, Rosie, Diana and I braved the weather believeing some of you might have turned up too and we went out there.  Yes there were lots of things to see, but no not a lot of light to take pictures in. There were several interesting walking paths and indeed we took them but the mild but presistant rain dulled the excitement, must have dulled the senses too.  Highlight of the day was the very good company the fine lunch and being out in the great outdoors.  Thank you for coming Brian, Donna, Diana and My Rosie – the rest of you missed out!

Cheers Andy

Night time outing this Friday

Hi all. The next Outing of the WCC is on Friday 27th – thats right FRIDAY 27th and we will do a City walk at night time. I dont know where we will go but the usual form is to meet on the steps of Parliament at about 7.30pm and walk the city streets at night. Did I mention this was a night walk? So bring along your sturdy tripod and have walking shoes. I believe it will be reasonably cool on Friday so a warm coat and gloves will also be necessary. Hey what am I your Mum?

So thats it Friday 27th, Night time, about 7.30pm, on the steps of Parliament House, Waverley Camera Club will do a CITY WALK.

Update: Meet at Flinders Street Railway Station, NOT on the steps of Parliament House.

Sunday Outing Report – 1st April 2012 City Laneways

Hi All – Rosie and I had a wonderful day with several other members of the Waverley Camera Club, wasnt it a beautiful day?

We woke early – for two oldies who dont go to bed until after mid-night and don’t usually wake until after 8am so 6am is early!  We caught a bus from Springvale to Westall because the rail lines were broken and then the train from Westall to the city to be there before 8am as promised.  We met Pete Davies on the station platform in the city and managed to learn more about the route of the competitors in running for kids that morning. Did I mention it was a beautiful day to be in the city? A day to do anything actually some of them ran others jumped,  WCC, and indeed  a whole gaggle of photographers wondering about in the city cameras in hand, were primed to make great images;  road menders dug holes in the road, engineers lifted up railway lines – in fact anything was possible today.  After the appropriate greetings and the obligatory wait for those who may or may not turn up Paul produced several maps of laneways and city walks and we wondered away together to have a look at the New Graffati in Hosier Lane. Nice it was!! Some of us were lucky enough to watch a young hooded child make his mark with spray can in hand.  “Perfectly legal man” was his thought for the day.

From there we walked back on to Swanston Street via another of those paths less travelled and came across a couple of likely lads who took time out to talk to Paul and tell him what they were thinking on such a beautiful morning.  Before long it was our turn to meet someone, who believe it or not, was just visiting from Heaven – he didnt tell us his name but I, a firm believer in the Second Coming, reckonned it would be preferable to ‘Go Up’ to heaven rather than ‘Come Down’ from there.  Still …live and let live is my philosophy.

Sooner than I expected we lost a number of the group to more serious interests – some to the laneways, others to the runners and  some to the architecture on offer.  Rosie and I wondered off through the arcades and laneways and ended up near enough to Camera House where we stopped to buy some good batteries.  Thank you Peter for lending her yours – I shall certainly continue to pay it forward!

Lunch time found us near the State Library and since we both have never been inside the palce we decided we would go in before lunch rather than after.  The phone in my pocket rang loud enough for me to hear it Pete Davies was on the other end of the eather wondering where we were, having learned we were beside the library he joined us and we went inside to the treat of our lives. The State Library is worth a visit by itself and we were told that there is at least one camera club in the library every Saturday.  It was after 1.00 when we came out and went to lunch before going back in for a Private Visit courtesy of one of the security guards who took a shine to Rosie.  The room is in the older section of the library and is said to be more than 100 years old, 152 years old Rosie tell me.  What a beauty!!

That ended our day folk – for those of you that came, I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as Rosie and I did.  For those of you who would go to the city anytime, well you wont have us to accompany you, but I hope the company you do keep on the day will be as good to you as ours was today.

Cheers and you have a great working week.

Andy and Rosie Armitage

Image by Paul Spence
Image by Paul Spence

Image by Paul Spence

Nature Photography by Tuck Leung

If you have not previously had an opportunity to look at Tuck’s macro and nature photography, then come along to our workshop on Tuesday 21 February 2012. Tuck has kindly offered to give us, not only a look at his work, but also to give us some information to help us if we wanted to have a go. Sometime later down the track we might even have a competition to see what we have learned.